Enabler.bi, is a Self Service Business Intelligence solution that works on all major Terminal operating systems (TOS) and ERP Systems.

Commercial team in container terminals requires visibility on facts and forecasts for their strategies and decisions. Enabler.bi for Ports and Terminals empowers the commercial team with near real-time information on commercial performance.

Given the need for visibility and the speed at which information is needed for quick decision making, the commercial module of Enabler.bi makes it simple with its strong expertise in this domain.

Enabler Business Intelligence for commercials gives an insights from multiple source of data in a single screen. While Commercial dashboards provides a good visual representation of facts and forecasts, the analytical cubes assist in drilling down to the last data for good decision support.

Enabler.bi is a user driven framework that enables to create Analytical Cubes, Dashboards, Charts and Reports on the fly in a simple and easy to use interface. It helps business users to analyse data to the last level and assist them to drive change and improvement.

Besides Commercials, it also provides business intelligence in other functional areas like Operations, Engineering, Finance, Procurement, Workforce Management and many more.

The tool is easy to implement and low cost which enables terminals to achieve TCO within a very short time.

Envecon is a niche IT Solution provider  in the  Transport and Logistics industry with global customers in more than 30 countries. Envecon has very high focus in the maritime industry with strong global customer base in Ports and Terminal, Shipping and Logistics and Marine and Offshore domain.

Envecon differentiates itself with deep domain knowledge in the verticals it operates.

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