Tender Management System in IFS

Tender Management System (E- Tender) solution in IFS enhances the Request for Quotation (RFQ) functionality and enables paperless tender management process that seamlessly integrates with the current system.

How e-Tender improves your tender management process?

  • Floats requests to vendors who are not registered in IFS.
  • User defined multi approval process at two stages – a) on tender/RFQ preparation b) post bid entry
  • Streamlines all approval related processes in one place
  • Ensures easier comparison and decision making based on the preset rating parameters

  • Includes comprehensive tender requirement related fields
  • Includes additional charges like freight, customs, packing etc. which are required to complete the cost picture
  • Allows unregistered vendors to access the portal and upload their tenders directly. The registration can take place if/when a purchase order is awarded.

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