Business Intelligence

Visualise and analyse data anywhere, anytime

Business Intelligence solutions (Enabler) with IFS provides self-service data visualization and dashboards, reports, predictive analytics, etc. help organizations to improve performance and execute strategy.

We provide customized BI solutions to various asset intensive industries that require industry specific executive dashboards, KPI’s enable department heads, high level executives, business users to take incisive decisions.

We partner with leading Business Intelligence solutions

IFS Applications

IFS ENTERPRISE OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE lets executives and managers review and orchestrate processes that align with their business strategy. EOI solution also provides end-users with a complete understanding of which functions deliver real customer value, those that are less effective, and those which waste both time and resources in terms of delivering the organizational goals. Ultimately, IFS EOI enables businesses to accelerate the realization of their business strategy.

Solution capabilities:

• Accelerates the realization of your business objectives – with a top-down reinforcement of the organization’s strategy.

• Provides a single picture of truth across multiple sources – map, monitor, manage your enterprise.

• Enables more effective management action – increased quality, speed and targeting.

• Optimizes processes efficiency – rather than creating point solutions within organizations or functions.

• Increases organizational effectiveness – improves the flexibility and predictability of your business with a full insight into the end-to-end enterprise.

• Shortens time to value – IFS EOI enables businesses to make better decisions, faster by assessing real-time business performance in the context of how it affects key business processes and goals.

Enabler BI

A customized Enabler BI for your industry, is a complete user driven framework that enables you to create Cubes, Dashboards, Charts, Reports on the fly in a simple and easy to use interface. It’s a Web based and is readily accessible on any on your tablet or mobile device across platforms and devices. It’s a simple, low cost, effective solution to make sense of all your data needs.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) platform, makes our solution,

• Future-proof,

• Scalable and big-data ready

• Azure Cloud capable.

• As easy to use as Excel, reducing your training costs.

• High skills availability at low costs.

• Enhances Slice and Dice power to decision makers.

• Provides Simple and Effective visualization of data through vast range of charts.

• Gets single version of truth out of multiple systems.

• Enables decision makers to make meaning out of huge data.

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