Terminal Operations Intelligence

Want real-time insight into terminal assets ?

Try our interactive Terminal Operations Intelligence tool to  get a feel of how you can get an information that enable you to visualize your data, filter on demand and simply click to get deeper into the underlying data.


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Management need to have real time status of all the operations activities.When accessing the operations productivity within the terminal, operators will tend to look up ,one of the issue that is equipment productivity

Equipments moves are the real indicator of Terminal Performance, these dictates the berth utilization. Equipments undoubtedly is the most expensive asset, a terminal has. Focus on keeping equipment productivity is an important step to profit.

To improve the productivity, Operators need to analyse

  • Equipment wise moves
  • Monthly and weekly equipment moves
  • Category wise moves(i.e Import,Export ,Transshipment, Restow)
  • Freight kind moves(i.e Full or Empty)
  • Container Size wise moves

Operations Intelligence specifically for ports gives a visibility of real-time dynamic, business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into these data. Standards reports are generated to improve the operations performance and to get clear visibility in day to day operations.

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