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Smart Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Transport and logistics industries face countless challenges while tracking assets along the entire supply chain. Ports and terminals form a critical part of the supply chain stretching from the producer or manufacturer to the final consumer.

As ports and terminals are increasingly based on the concept of driving assets to the maximum, while simultaneously improving the performance in the yard, quayside and gate arena, their challenges can become more complex in case of unexpected breakdown or loss. It is therefore vital that asset-intensive industries have asset tracking systems that can help in having access to real-time information to enable them to track, trace and direct goods at any given time. Traditional Enterprise Asset Management Solutions have often failed to deliver desired business outcomes as most such solutions are usually difficult to implement and expensive to customize.

Envecon offers Smart Enterprise Asset Management (Smart-EAM) solution, that helps ports and terminal operators to maximize operating efficiency while increasing their vessel capacity.

Smart Enterprise Asset Management solution provides an insight of all your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control. You can manage asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, costing and tracking from a single system.

With Envecon’s Smart-EAM solution, you can get real-time visibility of your assets and business performance – anytime, anywhere. The solution can be implemented in a few weeks while delivering quicker results and enhanced values to end users.

Asset Management Solutions

Global EAM Template
All Group Terminals under one EAM Solution with Multi-lingual EAM Solution
Enterprise Mobility
Mobilize your Field service engineering & Maintenance using Enterprise mobility
Automation and Interfaces
RCMS/SCADA/TOS interface for Automation fault reporting & Meter readings
3D – Asset Visualization
3-D view of your big assets using smart drawings & 360-degree rotation with Zoom-in & Zoom-out functionality
Integrated Business Process
Seamless integration with Inventory, Procurement, Finance, Logistics & HR business functions in one system
Dashboard and Analytics
Global reporting, Asset analytic, KPI dashboards, Breakdown Analysis, Root cause analysis and many more

Sample Dashboard

Visualize and analyze data from across the organization on your dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making.

Asset Performance
Asset Performance Dashboard gives us an overview on the overall performance of critical assets in the terminal to keep it running.
Asset Down-Time Analysis
Dashboard captures details about Planned as well as Unplanned Down-time analysis.


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  • Standardized Template
    Standardized and enforced business processes across all terminals – support regulatory requirements to document and run business process while improving efficiency and consistency of workforce activities
  • Centralized Solution
    Single global solution makes it easy to establish and maintain
  • Real-time data and warranty
    Availability of reliable and real time data for strategic business decisions. And tracking warranty management of expensive high end equipment with in EAM solution
  • Preventive maintenance schedule
    Reduction in Downtime and Inventory Costs by optimization of Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Asset management
    Increasing the reliability and availability of assets and improved performance of assets by direct impact to the top and bottom lines
  • 3P Service Providers
    Managing 3rd party service providers interacting with business operations -eliminating duplicative systems while standardizing on modern technologies

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