How terminals can maximize ROI of technical assets with SAP Syclo?

Maintaining Technical assets like (cranes, mobile towers, and transformers) is a complex and expensive task. Lack of relevant information at right time to technicians and decision makers, make process inefficient and expensive. Getting right information back in the system is also a challenge.

Movable technical assets like Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes (RTGs) spread across large area. Also all such assets were outdoors and away from technical workshop. They are expected to have high up time.

Following are some of the pain areas,

  • Inefficiency and extra costs due to technician not able to see assigned work in real time
  • Extra efforts, delays and errors due to paperwork
  • Delayed cause identification due to unavailability of maintenance history to technician at the spot
  • Material availability is not visible to technician while at fault location
  • Accuracy of labor reporting and component issues is compromised
  • Management remained in dark about exact situation till technician came to base and entered data, correctly

Why SAP Syclo ?

SAP Syclo, is a Lightweight MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform). Syclo has multiple applications designed for key business processes.

Some of the features of Syclo applications include,

  • Run on all commercially available platforms like Windows, Android & iOS
  • Works even without network range and automatically synchronize when in range
  • Work on tablet and smartphones as well as rugged devices
  • Connects with EAM systems like IBM Maximo, Oracle and SAP EAM etc.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface designed for field staff

Business Benefits

Following are some of the key business benefits of Syclo,

  • Immediate and automatic notification to technical staff
  • Increased utilization of technical staff
  • Zero paperwork
  • Increased asset uptime due to quick availability of technical staff
  • Quick resolution due to availability of maintenance history to technical staff
  • Accurate and immediate labor reporting
  • Accurate visibility of component availability
  • Accurate and immediate component issues
  • System reflecting real world situations
  • Ability to take photographs and upload
  • Decision makers could track and respond in near real time
  • Accurate KPI tracking


SAP Syclo Work Manager is a comprehensive mobile solution for field service. It allows remote employees to manage their assigned work orders and service requests via mobile device. Also it enables quick and accurate updating back in the system. It works in off-line mode when connectivity is an issue.

SAP Syclo Work Manager enables quicker response time, higher asset up time, employee productivity and accuracy of data. It enables efficiency. Envecon streamlined and optimized this remote technical asset maintenance process with Mobile Field Service solution from SAP for one of its key client.

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Automation Solution for Bank Integration in SAP

Many organizations deal with multiple house banks and process pay-outs such as salaries, utility bills, supplier payments and customer payments through these accounts. Reconciling all these transactions in back end ERPs such as SAP is time consuming and prone to errors.

Envecon has a ready solution for automating this process and has implemented it for its customers. The solution uses SAP PO middle-ware and secured FTP (SFTP) for automation.












Payment process is completely automated and initiated from SAP. Bank statement data can now be electronically retrieved from banks using Bank Communication Standard (BCS).

Why SAP Process Orchestration for Integration?

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is simple, scalable and versatile middle-ware. It is a strategic integration platform of world’s leading organizations.  Several clients ranging from high-tech to global manufacturing firms to major European Postal Services use SAP PO to process over half a million messages per day.













Envecon uses MT940 format to transmit bank data to customer & has configured SAP to pick up electronic bank statements and do automatic reconciliation of data received from the bank. Envecon is using SAP PO (Process Orchestration) as middle-ware platform due to its robust scale-ability and ability to integrate processes across SAP and non-SAP landscapes.

Key Benefits to Customers

  •  Pay-to-reconcile process across applications and systems.
  •  Improved control and compliance over the release of payments
  •  Increase operational efficiency & eliminated manual errors
  •  Standard, secure payment gateway with multiple banks
  •  Streamlined communication with house banks via single communication channel.
  •  Significantly simplifies payment process.
  • Increased payment flow transparency through status Monitoring of payments
  • Bank statements enhanced compliance through multiple approval levels for outgoing payments.

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SAP EWM – a next generation Warehouse Management System along with Yard Management

SAP-Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is designed to manage complex logistics execution in supply chain. EWM efficiently handles all internal process of a warehouse efficiently – goods receipt and goods issue, complex cross-docking, slotting, packing and shipping logistics, as well as cross functional activities such as LSP (Logistics Service Provider) integration, labor management and analytics.

Additionally, SAP EWM offers:

  • Cross-docking (planned and opportunistic)
  • Yard management is new functionality in EWM with LES and RF integration
  • Dynamic cycle counting
  • Easy Graphics Framework for better reports and analytics
  • Labor management including integration with SAP HCM as a new functionality in SAP EWM
  • Graphical warehouse layouts
  • Batch and serial number management
  • Slotting, rearrangement and kitting

Figure below illustrates How EWM Added functionalities covers pain areas from Traditional WM:


ASP Extended Warehouse Management

Best-in-class Warehouse Management solutions includes:

  • Inbound/Outbound processes with Putaway/Picking optimization process.
  • Slotting and Rearrangement for a product
  • Yard Management to monitor and manage vehicles.
  • EWM Quality Inspection function
  • Cross docking enables the products or HU’s from goods receipt to goods issue without putaway occurring in between.
  • Value Added Services(VAS) for packing products, labelling, or kitting
  • Packaging & Replenishment
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH & S) provide support for the proper handling and storage of hazardous substances in the warehouse.
  • Support of mobile data entry/scanning devices (RFid) is an integral function in EWM
  • Labor Management provides a series of functions that can be used to plan labor times and resources in your warehouse more effectively with integration with SAP HCM
  • Wave Processing,Kitting to Stock/Order & Reverse kitting for Outbound deliveries.

Why SAP?

SAP EWM System controls and optimizes logistics processes across the entire supply chain and ensures higher transparency through seamless integration with the SAP ERP system.Thus SAP becomes one single platform for all Logistics Organizations covering all verticals.Envecon expertise have In-depth knowledge and Business exposure to Implement any SAP functionality.

Key Benefits:

SAP EWM – a next generation Warehouse Management System , a highly standardized and efficient warehouse management system for manual and automated warehouse solutions with following key Benefits:

  • High warehouse productivity / efficiency
  • High inventory accuracy
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Better customer service
  • Flexible modelling of warehouse processes
  • Stock and process transparency
  • Optimization in storage planning and process execution
  • Seamless integration of Automation (RF, RFID, Pick-by-Voice)
  • Integration in the overall SAP Logistics Solution
  • Maximized storage capacities
  • Reduced IT Supports needed for logistics


It’s time to adopt next generation warehousing automation techniques & achieve continuous improvement in supply chain execution.Implementing SAP EWM by leveraging warehousing system without spending too much effort & time will definitely turns into Financial,Strategic and Operational Benefits.