Current Opening : SAP Sales

  • Total Experience : 8 to 10 Years
  • Skills Desired : Good communication, Convincing power, Strong analytical skills
  • Preferred Qualification:  B.E/B. Tech/MBA
  • Key Responsibilities :
    1. Responsible for planning, organizing and directing the organization’s business development activities and strategies that promote the growth of the organization by attracting new business relationships and expansion of existing relationships with the accounts.
    2. Accountable for large accounts with end to end responsibility of CSAT, revenue and targeted gross margin by proactively identifying needs and opportunities in the account.
    3. Proactively and periodically review with customer / BU Head/ Technology Partner on current performance levels of engagements in the account and plan actions based on the same.
    4. Manage the sales administration function, operational performance reporting, streamlining processes and systems wherever possible, and advising senior management on maximising business relationships and creating an environment where customer service can flourish.
    5. Responsible for managing the sales team, developing a business plan covering sales, revenue, and expense controls, meeting agreed targets, and promoting the organisation’s presence throughout US, UK and Europe.
    6. Assist in the development of the annual sales & marketing plan, specifically advising on realistic forecasts for each territory (based on historical data, market trends, competitive activity, promotional strategy and sales effort), realistic costs of operating the sales force and sales promotion programme plans.
    7. Responsible for the planning, recruitment, direction, organisation and control of sales managers and sales representatives to accomplish specific objectives
    8. Write and/or revise proposal sections such as executive summary, implementation plans, Staffing plans, branding and marking plans, and other sections.
  • Base Location:Mumbai

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Current Opening : IFS Admin and Replication Consultant


  • Total Experience : 2 to 5 Years 
  • Technical Experience Requirement : Oracle DBA, IFS Solution Manager
  • Skills Desired :
  1. 2-5 Years of experience on IFS Application Administration.
  2. Expertise on IFS Solution Manager.
  3. At least 1 year experience on Oracle DBA. SAP ABAP with experience in SD, MM,HR, FICO must.
  4. Hands on Knowledge on IFS Replication Functionality.
  5. Experience on IFS User Management, IFS Connect, IFS Custom Event.
  6. Experience in IFS Data Migration.
  • Preferred Qualification:  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related scientific or technical degree; or equivalent.
  • Product Experience : IFS Applications.
  • Client Communication Skills : Is a Must
  • Employment Nature(Direct/Subcon) : Direct
  • Summary Job Description : 
  1.  Responsible to deploy and configure IFS Applications.
  2. Responsible to configure IFS Replications.
  3.  Responsible for Database Administration of IFS Applications.
  4. Interact with Functional team and help them in Data Migration.
  5. Actively participate in project activities.
  • Base Location: Mumbai

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Current Opening : SAP SOLMAN Consultant


  • On-site Experience in Years :  1 Year
  • Total Experience: 4 to 8  Years 
  • Implementation  Experience:2 full cycle implementation, Blue Printing, Localization, Roll-out
  • Technical Experience Requirement : Good To Have
  • Skills Desired: Using Solman for Global Template, Blue Printing, Roll-out, configuration etc.
  • Preferred Qualification:  Any
  • Domain Knowledge : Experience in Logistics, Shipping, Ports, Terminal is highly desired.
  • Product Experience : Solman
  • Travel Long Term/Short Term : Should be ready to travel abroad for short term on client site.
  • Types of Project : Implementations, Roll-out, Business Process Reengineering
  • Team Management Skills: Good To Have
  • Client Communication Skills: Is a Must
  • Employment Nature(Direct/Subcon) : Direct and Sub-contractor
  • Summary Job Description : Job involves managing Solman w SAP Global Template, implementation, roll-outs for our global clients. Should be able to talk to Functional Consultants, Clients. Create & Manage templates, process flows, and all other features of solman like bug tracking, scheduling etc.
  • Base Location: Mumbai

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Current opening : SAP Presale Solution consultant

  • Total Experience: 3 to 5 years
  • On-site Experience: Prior overseas exposure of 1-2 years at least in presales consulting or project management will be essential
  • Presales Experience: 4-5 Years
  • Key Responsibilities:   Engaging prospects during initial discovery discussions about our service offerings/solutions and your insight into both business processes and the underlying technology.· Provide solution demonstrations to the prospect’s needs and the audience using SAP IDES or other demo software· Create and deliver customer-specific presentations and demonstrations, technical presentations, answer technical questionnaires, and define pilot/proof of concept activities.· Work with Regional Sales Heads and business stakeholders to develop convincing replies to RFI and RFP’s, and leverage your expertise to building appropriate solutions that give Envecon competitive advantage· Uncover evolving market needs/new features, and provide feedback and work with Practice Head and delivery teams to build new tools, methodologies and solutions
  •  Skills Desired :   Minimum of 4 years of SAP functional experience with focus on FI/CO/MM/SD experience & minimum 4 years in a pre-sales role with consulting firm or SI partner of SAP· Strong professional business acumen and ability to communicate business value propositions to senior executives with the Fortune 500· An ability to dynamically map and align Envecon’s services & solutions to a prospect’s high level business opportunities· Prior overseas exposure of 1-2 years at least in presales consulting or project management will be essential· A deep understanding of the SAP product stack and future direction as well as new technology areas such as HANA, Cloud, Mobility, BI will be important· An expert in team selling environments with strong interpersonal, presentation and communication skills, in addition to being flexible and quick thinking.· Business analyst skills – good understanding of mega process areas such as purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash process, particularly in large organizations.· Mature consultative selling skills – candidate needs to be able to consult on best practices for Implementation, Rollouts and Support Programs· Ability to lead business case development workshops, produce business case reports, and lead multi-stakeholder and executive interviews.· Communication skills – candidate must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.· Willingness to accept responsibility and ownership· Innovative, actively looking for solutions to problems, a catalyst for change

· Prior experience of working with SAP as partner or with partner alliance program will be added asset

  • Preferred Qualification:Bachelors degree in Business or computer science (or similar).· Relevant Certifications from SAP on trainings attended for presales or new technology initiatives
  • Domain Knowledge: Experience in working with IT Consulting
  • Base Location: Mumbai

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Truck Turnaround Time Analysis

The primary objective of all terminals is to reduce the truck’s waiting time via smoothing the gate activities i.e. to prevent the gate from being a bottleneck.The time spent in waiting to enter the terminal is a consequence for the port performance.

Terminal operating systems with an integrated BI solution enable the terminal executive to manage truck and container movements at terminals, which integrate gate, yard and quay operations.

BI Solution designed especially for terminals, with right Dashboards, KPIs and Analytical Cubes will help to analyze collective truck turnaround time which helps in  reducing   truck idling times.

The gate, yard, quay are the most important activity sectors that take place in container terminals.

Gate Sector:

BI tool gives an analysis of gate wise truck turnaround time (in time and out time of  truck), how many containers have been handled by each gate and also gives an alert  if the truck wait time  exceeds from the target wait time .

On a Weekly basis, each terminal reports the average in-terminal truck turn time. The average gate turn time is defined as gate in time to gate out time, in other words, how long the trucker is actually in the terminal. This measure does not include any time spent waiting outside of the gate before entry.

The below dashboard shows truck wait time (Real time) analysis:

Truck wait time01


Below dashboard shows Weekly Average Truck Turnaround Time at Gate:


Yard Sector:

BI solution helps to give an analysis of the loading and unloading of containers (full or empty) on terminal trucks in the yard, provide information of container tracking.

Below dashboard shows Truck Turnaround Time at Yard:-

TruckMoves at yard

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How BI helps in reducing unplanned downtime and manage asset safely?

Port Asset Management is becoming increasingly important, whether as a simple means of recording assets and maintenance works or as part of a larger scheme to fully optimise the management of all Port assets and resources.

Enterprise Asset Management solution contains information regarding work order cost ,work order execution details , work order downtime.“Maintenance” is the core feature, helps to minimize downtime reliably and integrate asset-related data, business processes, and analytics.

Asset Maintenance solution captures details about work order cost, work order execution details, work order downtime.Downtime can be a planned event or an unplanned event.

A strategic alignment between “Higher Productivity ” which is (operation KPI) and “Total Preventive Maintenance” which is (Maintenance Organization KPI) is brought in by:-

  • Reducing Unplanned Downtime.
  • Optimizing planned downtime

A good Business Intelligence tool , should provide :

1. Analytical capability to perform frequent failure mode analysis.

2. Comparative cost between periods for cost of break-down when planned downtime is performed on “TIME” V/S Cost of Break Down when planned downtime is delayed per day.

3. Comparative reason for analyzing what factors caused the delay in performing planned Maintenance.

  •     Weather or such external factors.

  •     Operational Pressures.

  •      Maintenance Inefficiencies.

Graphical decision tree:

Through Graphical analysis, the reasons for increase or decrease of unplanned maintenance cost can be analyzed by drilling down to core reasons, especially delay in performing maintenance delays. By carrying out preventive maintenance inspection and servicing on time, or within organization permissible limits, we can mitigate the risk of equipment failures and bring cost under control.

As can be seen in the below example of analysis, cost of repair tends to increase when the previous servicing schedules have been postponed ,and tends to be lower when servicing schedules delays are within certain limited delays. 81% of the QC repair Costs are when servicing schedules are delayed for more than 12 days, and this in consideration of the fact that QCs (in below example) contributes to 77.75% of repair costs overall.

 Unplanned 01

The analysis and the number generated by above 3, should definitely be a guiding factor for ports and terminal to:-

  •      Get Operations and Maintenance to agree upon planned downtime schedules.

  •     Execute Planned preventive maintenance ,under agreed schedule and variances.

  •     Improve upon Operational Productivity and Production Efficiency due to reduced breakdown.

 In practice, while TPM cannot be 100% implemented , the effort to perform any planned service (Preventive Maintenance) “ON TIME” reduce the cost of break down (unplanned downtime) by a significant margin. For ports, unplanned maintenance equals unscheduled downtime and a significant hit to the bottom line, not only in terms of reduced throughput and revenue, but also in terms of managing relationships with shipping lines.

Enterprise Asset Management for Ports and Terminals

Enterprise Asset Management for Ports and Terminals

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions, helps in gaining real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, manage asset lifecycle, measure and manage energy consumption and improve your return on assets.

The benefits of Enterprise Asset Management are compelling:

* Reduce maintenance costs

* Reduce production costs

* Reduce labor costs

* Increase maintenance productivity

* Help improve your enterprise asset maintenance practices

* Help you comply with applicable regulations

* Minimize equipment breakdowns

* Minimize downtime

Enterprise Asset Management should have well defined ERP processes within itself to fully manage the life cycle of asset and should provide integrated processes in Finance, Procurement, Inventory and Project.

PLAN: Align Asset Acquisitions to corporate strategy. Link each Asset to the organizational budget and Revenue to be realized.


ACQUIRE: Negotiate agreements to maximize value. Huge assets that have longer cycle should be defined as projects, thus managing capitalization with a structured approach and control.


OPERATE: Track Asset Utilization by capturing its Efficiency, Uptime, Downtime and its contribution to the “No of Moves per Hour “and the Overall TEUs achieved. Thus in turn tracking and stream lining your return on investments.


MANAGE: Implement support infrastructure and process to enhance productivity and satisfaction. Establishing a seamless communication between Operations and Maintenance, for Equipment Availability and Optimized Performance is the key to enabling higher productivity.


RETIRE: Analyze the useful life of an Asset by establishing a consolidated view of Assets Current Value, Annual Maintenance Costs and its Performance. Any asset that has an increased liability should be retired, by comparing it with the Replacement Costs.


Enterprise Asset Management in Ports and Terminal, provide uniformity and ease of use across the asset groups and maintenance locations, thus creating efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Port Authority can use the this solution to meet or exceed goals and requirements of this initiative.


EAM, optimize the work flows, funding allocations, and resource utilization resulting in enhanced organizational transparency that facilitates accurate and agile capital planning. This assists Port Authority with better decision making based upon quality information.


Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn  and check out our Case Studies too.


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