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How terminals could improve their yard performance ?

Yard needs to be used effectively if terminal wants to improve revenue and profits. There are several yard performance  related KPIs like Inventory Aging, Inventory Levels need to be tracked and optimized. These need to be tracked in real time to react well in advance.

Most of the data is available in Terminal Operating System ,this data needs to be pulled and converted in meaningful and easy to understand information. OneView dashboards in Yard Performance area help decision makers with industry specific KPIs in a visually impressive format. All these dashboards are available on mobile,which gives freedom to decision makers and enable decision making from anywhere and anytime.

Below is one such dashboards in Inventory Analysis area



This helps you to foresee yard inventory performance and take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles. It provides a good visual representation of facts in real-time , this particular dashboard shows performance in areas like,

  • Inventory Overview
  • Capacity utilization
  • Aging Analysis
  • Service wise analysis
  • Damage details

“OneView”- is a The Business Performance Management tool, which has dashboards for terminal to track performance in all areas. By representing reality in a simple but effective way to you, it enables you to take right decision at right time ,which is a key to improve the terminal performance.

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Increase customer satisfaction, reduce service cost with Customer Service Portals

Supply chain is becoming global. Ports & Terminals are the main gateways from which this supply chain moves. Any delay in containers, causes big disruption in customer’s supply chain.

To plan in advance and avoid any disruptions in supply chain, customer expects to get container status 24×7 and from anywhere in the world. With advent of mobility and internet, they expect it to be available on mobile or tab.

Thousands of containers move in and out of terminals every day. With increased competition, terminals are interested in achieving customer loyalty through high customer satisfaction.

Traditional and manual customer support process costs lot of money.  Also it is error prone.  With customer expectations of 24×7 support and sometimes in multiple, languages, terminals have to either spend lot of money or risk of losing unsatisfied customer.

Interestingly, most of the information is available in Terminal Operating System in real time. But without limited access to this information, it remains in information island.

The best solution to increase customer satisfaction, reduce cost is to develop a Customer Self-service Portal.  Such a portal accesses customer required information in real time from TOS and other systems like Billing etc. Such portals are secure, have multi-lingual abilities and available 24×7. Also can be accessed from anywhere from world and from any device.  It can send SMS or emails to customer either on request from customer or pro-actively.

Below is the broad architecture of the customer self-service portal














Such a system can be enhanced further to show details like,

  • Special Service request Management
  • Container hold/released related information
  • Showing billing information
  • Payment processing
  • Internal Management reporting

customr -tablet

Such Customer Self-Service portals greatly reduce support costs.  At the same time it increases customer satisfaction and loyalty

Port Community:  What’s In It for them ?

Shipping business has many critical and external components such as shipping companies, customs, CFS (Container Freight Stations) and more.All actions of these organizations need to happen in synchronized fashion for smooth supply chain flow.  This can happen only if right information is available at right time.

Customer service portal is a foundation to seamlessly connect with whole port community. Portal can be integrated with shipping lines systems to provide greater visibility of cargo to customer. Information like import availability, container booking and delivery information can be shared through portal.

It can be integrated with Customs, CFS and Trucking companies so that real time information, billing information can flow seamlessly.Also payments can be processed through this systems with direct update to accounts receivables in financial systems.

Why Envecon ?

Developing such a system needs intimate understanding of Ports and Terminal business.  Besides it also need deep functional understanding of TOS and it’s data structures. Envecon has extensive and end-to-end experience with ports and terminals in 32 countries.  This makes

Envecon expert and most capable IT service provider in Ports & Terminal space. Customer Service Portals also requires data to be pulled in real time.  Since the application is web-based, security, performance and customer experience becomes more critical. Envecon has proven technical abilities in this space.

Explore Envecon’s SAP Service Portfolio


How terminals can maximize ROI of technical assets with SAP Syclo?

Maintaining Technical assets like (cranes, mobile towers, and transformers) is a complex and expensive task. Lack of relevant information at right time to technicians and decision makers, make process inefficient and expensive. Getting right information back in the system is also a challenge.

Movable technical assets like Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes (RTGs) spread across large area. Also all such assets were outdoors and away from technical workshop. They are expected to have high up time.

Following are some of the pain areas,

  • Inefficiency and extra costs due to technician not able to see assigned work in real time
  • Extra efforts, delays and errors due to paperwork
  • Delayed cause identification due to unavailability of maintenance history to technician at the spot
  • Material availability is not visible to technician while at fault location
  • Accuracy of labor reporting and component issues is compromised
  • Management remained in dark about exact situation till technician came to base and entered data, correctly

Why SAP Syclo ?

SAP Syclo, is a Lightweight MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform). Syclo has multiple applications designed for key business processes.

Some of the features of Syclo applications include,

  • Run on all commercially available platforms like Windows, Android & iOS
  • Works even without network range and automatically synchronize when in range
  • Work on tablet and smartphones as well as rugged devices
  • Connects with EAM systems like IBM Maximo, Oracle and SAP EAM etc.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface designed for field staff

Business Benefits

Following are some of the key business benefits of Syclo,

  • Immediate and automatic notification to technical staff
  • Increased utilization of technical staff
  • Zero paperwork
  • Increased asset uptime due to quick availability of technical staff
  • Quick resolution due to availability of maintenance history to technical staff
  • Accurate and immediate labor reporting
  • Accurate visibility of component availability
  • Accurate and immediate component issues
  • System reflecting real world situations
  • Ability to take photographs and upload
  • Decision makers could track and respond in near real time
  • Accurate KPI tracking


SAP Syclo Work Manager is a comprehensive mobile solution for field service. It allows remote employees to manage their assigned work orders and service requests via mobile device. Also it enables quick and accurate updating back in the system. It works in off-line mode when connectivity is an issue.

SAP Syclo Work Manager enables quicker response time, higher asset up time, employee productivity and accuracy of data. It enables efficiency. Envecon streamlined and optimized this remote technical asset maintenance process with Mobile Field Service solution from SAP for one of its key client.

Explore our case study to get an insight on SAP Syclo

Faster ROI of IFS Applications with Oneview











An intuitive and graphically rich solution created out of IFS Data sources to provide real time, at-a-glance visuals of organization performance with “A Single Version of Truth” for all business functions.

OneView captures and integrates business critical information from IFS Applications, Work Force Management and other niche local systems used in industries like Ports and Terminals, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Aerospace, Offshore, EPCI, Aviation and Inland Terminals.

Collaborative excellence with integrated view of all functions

Business driven solution to get OneView of all organizational functions working on IFS platform like, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales, Projects,  Production, Engineering, Financials, HR, CRM to provide real time input to business for quicker decision making.

It provides cutting edge by offering total insight in main business pillars like,

Operational excellence

  • To track real-time operational performance at a glance

Commercial excellence

  • To get trend analysis to show short term and long term health of business

Decision excellence

  • Helps in real time decisions and access information from any-time anywhere any-place

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of organization performance at a single glance.

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OneView for Terminal Asset Cost Analysis

In Ports and Terminals, there are various cost heads which requires flexible solutions to analyse data to predict and plan maintenance activities and costs in order to optimize operations.

How terminals could record/measure their cost and efforts in real-time to improve performance?

With OneView for Terminal Asset Cost Analysis, you can foresee maintenance activities and cost in order to take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles in your terminal efficiency. This will help to maximize the output and optimize maintenance activities.

Engineering dashboard

The dashboard calculates the cost of labor, materials and equipment to provide an insight into equipment maintenance costs and the monthly fuel consumption of every piece of equipment at a port or terminal.

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of maintenance/cost performance at a single glance.

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OneView for Terminal Asset Performance Management

How to get high visibility of your critical assets in real time and improve performance by continuously monitoring success and setting targets for the team and it is ready to use.

Terminal Asset Performance Dashboard gives us an overview on the overall performance of critical assets in the terminal to keep it running. It gives general availability of the equipment in real-time and on a periodic basis i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or year to year overview.

You can assess the number of breakdowns, stoppages, meantime to repair etc on each type of equipment’s used in the terminal.

The business owners will get high visibility on the past and current asset performance to make effective decisions on capital assets and at the same time assist in optimizing TCO (total cost of ownership) on capital assets is critical to manage a profitable business.

Enable the port to maximize the performance of physical assets over their entire life-cycle, ensuring asset availability and reliability while reducing operational costs and risk.

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of asset performance on a dashboard. A real time visibility and historical comparison of data will be helpful for equipment allocation planning and accurate maintenance forecasting functionality.

Terminal asset performance

The dashboard provides an overall vista of equipment utilization and its performance. It offers real-time visibility of data and is especially useful in equipment allocation planning and forecasting the functionality of terminal operations.

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Why SAP for Asset Intensive Industries

Assets lock up huge capital in asset intensive industries like Ports & Terminals, Logistics, Mining, Power, Telecom etc.  Assets include cranes, trucks, furnaces, transformers, communication towers, cables and more.

Unplanned and reactive maintenance caused by break-downs increases costs, employee stress and hurt organization’s reputation in customer’s mind.

Any cost saved in capital assets, due to use of better utilization of existing assets directly increases profit. So is any cost saved in maintaining assets.

Multiple assets work in synchronized fashion to generate throughput. Unplanned downtime in any one asset affects total throughput. Planning asset performance,  MRO# Inventory and human skills is a complex process.

Any asset intensive industry deserves capable asset management software, well mapped business processes and a well trained team.

Why one Single IT Platform for The Organization ?

As depicted in below diagram, all asset management processes have impact in other key areas like Finance, Materials, Procurement, Payroll etc.

Asset management sap

Why Not a Standalone Asset Management System ?

Standalone Asset Management Systems fail miserably because of :-

  • Huge integration requirement with other systems
  • Master data harmonization and synchronization efforts
  • More diverse skills requirement due to multiple technologies
  • Additional upgrade efforts due to multiple applications
  • Sub-optimal license uses
  • More hardware requirement
  • Higher IT maintenance cost
  • Higher training costs

It is expensive, risky and frustrating to have bunch of systems, try to integrate those to weave a one single solution.

Why SAP ?

From leading Fortune 500 organizations to small organization with vision trust SAP for their business areas. SAP is the de-facto leader in Enterprise Applications areas for last 40 years. With rapid addition of functionality and technology, excellent ecosystem including fabulous support,  SAP is increasing this lead.

Besides strong EAM functionality, SAP brings in-depth functionality and exciting roadmap for every aspect of organization. This includes, Finance, Costing, Materials Management, Procurement, HR, Payroll, Analytic, Service & Support and more.

By choosing SAP, organization avoids unconnected and unaligned set of applications. SAP offers screen simplification and personalization for easy acceptance by users. SAP can be implemented in phases as per organization priorities.

In summary, SAP provides One Single Solid Platform for Whole Organization!

Why SAP for Enterprise Asset Management ?

Below diagram shows End to End coverage of business processes for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

SAP asset management

Following are some of the strengths of SAP EAM,

  • One organization, One Platform !
  • Simply unmatched depth in EAM functionality
  • Avoids information islands
  • Minimal integration risks and costs
  • Economies of scale (Licenses, Services)
  • Economies of skills (Skills, Trainings, Employee Portability)
  • Solid platform for Master Data Management Initiatives
  • World’s leading mobile field service functionality with Syclo Works Manager
  • Ready integration with world class SAP Analytic for real time visibility

SAP EAM contains the key Maintenance Planning and Scheduling functionalities to support successful asset or equipment maintenance.

Why Envecon ?

Selecting powerful application is just half the job. Success needs service partner, who understands pain areas, processes and best practices in asset intensive industries.  Also service partner should have intimate functional and technical knowledge of SAP.

Envecon, with it’s immense global domain experience, End-to-End SAP capabilities and solid Project and Change Management experience is very well placed to deliver full benefits to your organization.

Envecon has ready SAP EAM Template as an accelerator. Template also  includes Analytics and Mobile workforce management functionality. This enables quick implementation, predictable duration and optimized cost.

Envecon’s ready SAP template for Asset Intensive industries helps organizations for faster ROI and predictable outcomes.

Summary :

Building makeshift enterprise solution using multiple unconnected and disparate applications is extremely risky and costly for organization. Organization need one solid platform which offer end to end Best-in-Class functionality.  SAP is a natural and only choice in this regards.

Implementing SAP needs experienced hands. With its global experience, intimate domain knowledge, SAP expertise, Envecon is well suited for successful delivery and adaptation of SAP based solution.

Envecon has SAP Global Template for asset heavy industries. Global Template makes sure that a proven solution is quickly adjusted to specific business requirement. It reduces project duration and costs.  It makes things predictable and smooth.

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