Ports and terminals are increasingly based on the concept of driving assets to the maximum, while simultaneously improving the performance in the yard, quayside and gate arena. The optimal use of assets is a key factor in running a successfully performing terminal. Traditional Enterprise Asset Management Solutions have often failed to deliver desired business outcomes.

This may not come as a surprise – as most such solutions are usually difficult to implement and expensive to customize.

Smart Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) is what you need to get an insight for all of your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control. You can manage asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, costing and tracking from a single system.

With Envecon’s SEAM, you can get real-time visibility of your assets and business performance – anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you can implement the solution in a matter of weeks so that you start seeing results quicker.

  • Global EAM Template : All Group Terminals under one EAM Solution with Multi-lingual EAM Solution
  • Enterprise Mobility : Mobilize your Field service engineering & Maintenance using Enterprise mobility
  • Automation & Interfaces : RCMS/SCADA/TOS interface for Automation fault reporting & Meter readings
  • Asset – 3D visualization : Experience 3-D view of your big assets using smart drawings & 360-degree rotation with Zoom-in & Zoom-out functionality
  • Integrated Business Process : Seamless integration with Inventory, Procurement, Finance, Logistics & HR business functions in one system
  • Dashboard /Analytics : Global reporting, Asset analytic, KPI dashboards, Breakdown Analysis, Root cause analysis and many more

Implementation of an SEAM solution will provide greater insight into asset performance and maintenance, 3D visualization of all equipment’s and its component drill down to see any faults, aiding in effectively managing the expense of assets, enhancing productivity and significantly reducing operating costs whilst improving the strategic planning.

A well-designed IT solution that can keep port and terminal assets from ageing by implementing maintenance on a regular basis to keep machines in good shape without jeopardizing current port operations.

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