Bringing clear visibility in  day to day operations, getting products delivered  on time , efficiently and at lower cost is critical for every logistic providers . With its deep industry knowledge , Envecon has customized products and end to end solutions that enables to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), compare costs and performance of your vessels and many more operations.

The products are  coupled with our domain specific BI solution that helps client to bring agility and precision in operations. It helps them deliver more from their assets and investments also bring agility  to shipping and logistics operation and place organizations firmly. Our team of dedicated business consulting professionals ensures clients get the business results they expect from their technology investments.

Envecons’s key strength includes :

  • Proven & Ready template for  ERP, EAM for Quick & Cost-Effective implementation
  • Industry specific TOS, Business Performance Management and Analytics Solutions
  • Extensive EAM implementation experience for optimizing Asset Costs
  • Global ERP implementations, roll-outs, Support experience
  • Value adds like Integration with  Smart Drawings, AP Automation
  • Providing centralized support to global clients

Our reputation is based on key elements of competent and enthusiastic personnel. Each staff is trained to the highest standards based on strict parameters of experience and exposure in shipping and Logistics Industry and further supported by progressive and innovative information systems, ensuring the most efficient service to our customers.

Envecon’s customised solutions for your organisation

With relatively lower ‘entry barriers’ and thus a much intense competition, the Inland Container Terminals have to cater to the requirements and demands of a much wider customer base and stakeholders. We have domain expertise and the solutions to seamlessly integrate various aspects of operations and data exchanges. The configurability and modular nature of our products ensures faster implementations that are scalable to meet your future needs.

Efficiency of Operations at the gates, yard and vessel constitute the primary success indicators for most Container Terminals. A high degree of sophistication and reliability is also required for the various data exchanges that is a norm for Container Terminal Operations. Our goal is to provide you a concise and cost-effective solution to assist in improving these Operations efficiency and the reliability of data exchanges.

Probably the greatest challenge is the complexity of services offered at General Cargo Terminals, and thus the increased complexity in Operations and Tariff structures.

We offer end-to-end solutions for managing all aspects of General Cargo Terminal Operations and its complexities. It also helps in arresting Revenue Leakages arising out these complexities.

Envecon offers end to end solutions for your needs

Inland Container Terminal Modules

Manage your Billing (Proforma Invoicing, Invoicing and Receipting) based on Bill-able Activities or Events from your Terminal Operations Systems. Can be integrated with major Finance ERP Systems like SAP, IFS, Tally, etc.

Manage your Container Depot Yard on real-time basis to achieve better utilisation of your container stacking space. Helps in identifying the exact location or position of Containers within your Container Yard.

Manage your Container Maintenance & Repairs (M&R) Operations from creating Repair Estimates, getting Approvals or requests for Re-Estimate, creation of Repair Work-orders until conclusion of the Repair Cycle. Repair Estimates can transmitted to all major Liner clients through WESTIM EDI format.

Manage your Warehouse Operations for International or Domestic Cargo, Gate Operations, Container Stuffing or Stripping Operations, Cargo Bookings and Special Services Requests. Combined with Depot Plus meets complete end-to-end requirements of Container Freight Stations (CFS). Map your 2D/3D Cargo space for a “bird’s eye-view” of your Cargo Operations

Manage your Lease Contracts and Invoicing for your Terminal Real Estate or Assets (Open or Close Yard Spaces, Warehouse, Tankfarms, Commercial or Residential Premises, etc.) through Logstar Real Estate. File Management of Real Estate or Asset Documents Photos, etc can be done through Logstar Real Estate

Manage your Fleet of Trucks an Trucking Work Orders. Keep a track of repairs and maintenance carried our on the Truck.

Manage your fleet of own or sub-contracted Wagons and/or Trains. Pre-Arrival and Post Departure procedures for making Advance Load List, Shut-Out List, etc. can be made through this module.

Payment Solutions customisable for the needs of Shipping & Logistics Industry. ‘Calculator’ based on services rendered before directing to the Payment Gateway. Popular for D&D Collections, etc and reduces the errors, efforts and time required for daily reconciliation with the Bank statements

Andriod based App with some of the main functionalities of our Depot Plus and Depot M&R Modules, giving cost-effective Mobility Solutions. Includes Dashboards for you and your Customers. Also has photo capturing capabilities for search and retrieval through mobile or desktop based devices.

To establish better transparency levels and reduce the time and efforts spent by your customer querying various information or status, you can provide your customers withe controlled access to your system without compromising cross-customer confidentiality.

Actionable Insights, Easy Self-Service Nature and Industry Specific Cubes deliver value to our global BI Clients. Get complete transparency in organization performance with our ease to use, quickly to deploy and low cost BI solution.

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     Dedicated team


                               We have diverse team of highly experienced professionals with skills


     Timely execution of services


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                                   We offer our clients cost effective solutions that meet their needs


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