SAP HR in Multi-System Environment

SAP HR in Multi-System Environment

Many organizations use SAP along with other external HR systems. For e.g. Organization Structure, Employee Data Management & Payroll are done in SAP HCM(HR) but time management is managed in external systems to record Clock  in & Clock out  information, Leave & Leave quota information.

This can be due to legacy or partial implementation of SAP HR.

Following are some the reasons for existence of multi-system environment,
  • Resistance to change due comfort  with legacy systems
  • Legal issues
  • Overwhelm due to  breadth and depth of SAP HR functionality
  • Reluctance towards new processes or functionality
  • Poor change management during implementation
  • Tendency to avoid investment in additional training
  • Part implementation of SAP HR Functionality
Pains of multi-system environment include,
  • Manual work
  • Errors
  • Correction efforts
  • Un-harmonized master data
  • Data discrepancy, duplication and inconsistency across the multiple systems
  • Delayed processing
  • Possible employee dissatisfaction and legal issues

SAP ECC Human Capital Management (HCM) has exhaustive functionality. It is capable of handling all HR processes of complex organization anywhere in the world.

Capable implementation partner and organizational maturity is essential to realize full potential of SAP-HCM.

For one of the European client of Envecon, multi-system was unavoidable.

Human Resources department users were not fully aware of SAP capabilities and preferred status quo for some time. External systems also included Workforce Management,  Time and Attendance and localized HR system being used for 20 years. Also payroll was outsourced.


Envecon studied end-to-end HR  processes spread across multiple systems and being done manually. Envecon identified opportunities of automation and integration. Also identified possible master data harmonization and synchronization issues.

Envecon developed  interfaces which will automate synchronization of data elements of already existing system with SAP system. Employee details, Time Data, Payroll Data & Organisational Data are some of the elements which were synchronized across systems.

Envecon developed following interfaces in HR,

Inbound Interfaces : Data coming to SAP from external system

  1. SAP and  Microster WFM for Leave application data
  2. SAP and  Biometrics for Clock-In Clock-out Data
  3. SAP and STATUS HR for Organisational Management Data
  4. SAP and STATUS HR Personal details of Employee

OutBound Interfaces: Data going from SAP to external system

  1. SAP and Microster WFM for Leave Balance
  2. SAP and Microster WFM for Personal information Data.

Automatic email notification was generated. In case of  any data error, an email notification with log was sent to stakeholders.

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) was used for achieving integration .


Below are some of the benefits realized,

  • Smooth integration of all HR Systems and processes
  • Better realization of SAP HR potential
  • Automation for Data flow & Synchronized systems
  • Data consistency without manual intervention
  • Easy identification of error hence assures accuracy
  • No manual efforts involved
  • Quick and correct information availability to management

Client is planning an incremental  SAP HR implementation to utilize full functionality, reduce number of systems and maintenance cost.


Reducing multiple systems by utilizing full functionality of SAP Platform  is the best option. If  multi-systems are unavoidable then tightly integrating all systems and processes using SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is the next best option. It saves time, money and lot of pain.