Quay Crane (QC) Analysis

QC moves are the real indicator of Terminal Performance. QC dictates the berth utilization.QC undoubtedly is the most expensive asset, a terminal has.Focus on keeping QC productive is an important step to Profit.

Management team needs ability to track QC Productivity from all angles in simple visual forms. All this is needed in real time. Management seeks ability to react quickly or react even before thrush hold is breached.

Business Intelligence solution designed especially for terminals, with right Dashboards, KPIs and Analytical Cubes is a great enabler for management.

Terminals business is a 24×7 business. Availability of BI solution on mobile device helps management to remain in control, all the time and from anywhere.

BI Solution will help to analyze different types of moves (Load, Discharge, Restows ),empty/full containers, sizes and total performance of QC in real time. These solutions pull data from TOS and CMMS systems in real time.

Following are the examples of how Dashboards can provide overall performance of QC:

QC Productivity:


QC delays and idle time:

Lower rate of QC transfer operations causes delay in ship and container yard operation. This causes difficulty for recipients and delivery activities. A good BI tool will help management to recognize, react and avoid this.

Factors mentioned below can slowdown QC performance.

  • Awaiting for TT (Truck)
  • Awaiting for container
  • Bad weather
  • Downtime
  • Operator Productivity

BI tool enables management to pinpoint a problem with simple visualization. Such BI tools helps management study inter relationship between various parameters and better visibility of QC operation . It will help management in making sense out of large amount of seemingly unrelated data.

Operator’s Productivity Dashboard:


Berth move per hour:

The berth operation concerns the schedules of arriving vessels and the allocation of wharf space and QC resources to service the vessels. The key concern of the berthing operation is the turn-around time of vessels.

Visual BI Dashboards shown below enables the management to analyze and improves berth performance.



QC Productivity is the most prominent indicator of efficient operation and profitability .Tracking performance from all angles, in real time and in visually simple form is essential. A well designed BI tool is a great enabler in tracking QC and other critical terminal performance. 

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