Purchasing is Easier

Envecon offers you unique capabilities to develop your purchasing process, supporting your strategic choice of suppliers, assortment and markets. Existing supplier agreements are easy to access for all who are involved and can be followed up and leveraged to the full. The ability to follow up and monitor your company’s supplies gives you good insight into the quality and service they provide—useful information that’s easy to access as you prepare for negotiations or reviews.

Develop your business processes

IFS Applications makes it easier to reap the benefits of collaboration strategy by offering support for collaboration via the Internet, XML, or EDI as well as compliance with Microsoft® .Net® and Web Services model.
Manage Product and Services
Envecon offers IFS Applications, an efficient solution for managing products and a tool for developing the services the companies offer.
Regardless of whether your order management is simple and streamlined, complicated and extensive, or completely automated, our solution handles every case in a simple, functional and flexible way.
More Efficient Supply Chain Management
Envecon offers IFS Applications which simplifies the supply chain by enabling shorter order cycles, so that the customer and the supplier can maintain lower stock levels.
More Efficient Inventory
IFS Applications simplify warehouse administration, ensuring that deliveries, picking and distribution are managed optimally and with complete traceability.

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