As an IFS partner, we provide an end-to-end implementation of IFS applications and IFS solutions to support all aspects of client’s demanding business needs. We have an experienced team of IFS ERP experts. Our experts provides 24x7 IFS support to your day to day operational IT issues. Envecon’s 24x7 IFS ERP Service desk helps us to deliver best services across IFS applications platform.

Envecon have a long history of successful collaboration with IFS on major global implementation projects in more than 50 countries. Envecon has won ‘IFS Partner of the Year Awards 2018’ in the category of IFS Enterprise Services Partner of the Year.


(APA) Accounts Payable Automation in IFS

Simplify and automate your account payable and supplier invoicing process in IFS through our Accounts Payable Automation (APA). AP automation streamlines invoice processing, approvals workflow, and payment processes of the accounts payable department.

A variety of currency and payment options makes the solution flexible, while the follow-up and analysis capabilities ensure full control. The solution therefore eliminates manual and paper processes that usually slow down the payment cycle and reduces workload by 80%.

It helps the organization to save vital time and costs while improving supplier relationships. We have implemented this solution in more than 50 countries.
Accounts payable department plays a pivotal role in providing accurate cash forecasts. APA ensures only legitimate and accurate invoices are processed and pays efficiently.

How Auto AP improves your invoicing process?

  1. Increases processing speed and improves turnaround time
  2. Reduces cost per transaction without losing business control
  3. Improves control and enhances visibility of the invoice process to all stakeholders
  4. Ensures accurate data capture regardless of the invoice format
  5. Efficiently streamlines interaction between business units and back-offices
  6. Eliminate possible manual errors while invoice processing

How AP Automation works?

IFS accounts payable automation

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(MDM) Master Data Management in IFS

Empower your business to collaborate and innovate with reliable master data across the organization. Centralize all your master data in one place and avoid discrepancy, inconsistency and duplication of data.

MDM is a solution in IFS that centralizes data into one master copy which is then synchronized to all enterprise applications.

The efficient management of master data, gives you a single point of truth for business-critical data. IFS MDM provides data integrity to connect IFS Applications to other applications for better decision making and process execution.

IFS Master Data Management allows you to:

  • Make master data simple as well as accessible
  • Explicitly define and manage your organization’s critical master data
  • Establish a 360-degree view of the overlapping, redundant, and inconsistent master data from your various systems at different locations

What reinforces these benefits is that IFS Data Management enables you to:

  • Consolidate critical information across the enterprise while reducing redundancy
  • Improve data integrity and ensure validity as well as completeness
  • Eliminate silos of master data across all locations, departments or business units ensuring consistency
  • Improve operational efficiency by aligning organizational and operational data.
  • Enhance the customer experience by using insights to drive business performance.
  • Save resources and cost by automating several essential data processes.

How IFS Master Data Management works?

Data Management process involves controls by data owners and data stewards

Master Data Management IFS

  • Requestor raises a request to create new master data or modify existing master data
  • Data Owners authorize or deny access to certain master data, and is responsible for its accuracy, integrity and timeliness
  • Data Stewards from various business units control specific master data domains
  • One-time configuration occurs on MDM template for each IFS master objects which needs to be managed.
  • Templates will have all the fields from master data screen.
  • Configures the mandatory fields and default business rule values based on the business process requirements.
  • Defines approval routing for each MDM Templates.
  • Combines multiple IFS master data screen or tabs in one template.

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(EMR) Equipment Maintenance and Repair in IFS

Simplify the maintenance management process for third party equipment repair, improve internal effectiveness and increase satisfaction of your equipment customers.

Classify equipment into categories that minimizes entries into the system and reduces time and workload. Configure the work order flow as per your requirement. A) One WO per equipment, B) One WO per equipment type or C) One WO per customer

IFS Equipment Maintenance and Repair (EMR) solution allows you to:

  • Enable end-to-end tracking of equipment from entry to dispatch
  • Get a complete view of cost and during quotations

Features of IFS EMR:

  • Customer Agreements and Service Contracts
  • Work Order Quotation and Approvals flow
  • Complete visibility of cost at time of Quotations
  • Work Order Planning for Resources (Labor & Material)
  • Work Order Preparation and Reporting

Additional features of IFS EMR:

  • Warranty tracking to highlight whether repair is under warranty
  • Covers all data elements in the repair process as example, ISO size, CEDEX code, repair code, damage code, component code, standard jobs, operations etc.

How Equipment Maintenance and Repair (EMR) works in IFS:

IfS equipment maintenance and repair

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(e-Tender) Tender Management System in IFS

Get our IFS e-tender solution and welcome a faster and more effective tender management process.

IFS e-Tender is a solution that enhances the current IFS RFQ (Request for Quotation) functionality and enables a paperless tender management process that seamlessly integrates with the current system.

How e-Tender improves your tender management process?

  1. Floats requests to vendors who are not registered in IFS.
  2. User defined multi approval process at two stages – a) on tender/RFQ preparation b) post bid entry
  3. Streamlines all approval related processes in one place
  4. Ensures easier comparison and decision making based on the preset rating parameters
  5. Includes comprehensive tender requirement related fields
  6. Includes additional charges like freight, customs, packing etc. which are required to complete the cost picture
  7. Allows unregistered vendors to access the portal and upload their tenders directly. The registration can take place if/when a purchase order is awarded.

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Why Envecon ?

Envecon's close partnership with IFS helps us to deliver best-in-class services across application platforms. Our IFS practice delivers ERP lifecycle services leveraging our diverse business experience backed by technology expertise and deep industry knowledge.

Most importantly our experience on IFS implementations in more than 50 countries worldwide, helps us in understanding country-specific statutory requirements and process variations. On the other hand, we deliver solutions with measurable outcome and value to our customers. This helps them to achieve targeted business objectives as well as deliver on strategic IT initiatives.

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