Following were the business challenges and opportunities while going through the project:

  • Greenfield terminal have very nascent processes and need to help the organization to drive its establishment through predefined Global Standards for data and processes in ERP standards
  • Fluid process definitions in development stage.
  • Highly project oriented organization structure.
  • High dependence on contractual teams and personnel for data and deliveries
  • High cost due to un-optimized utilization of resources
  • Multiple projects across all departments including
    • Terminal development and setup
    • IT infrastructure and setup

Application Implemented

  • IFS 7.5 SP6
  • Enterprise Asset Maintenance , Supply Chain Management and Finance

Business Benefits

  • Alignment of business process definitions to global standards
  • Controlled management of complete life-cycle of project
  • Helped in setup of a highly project oriented organization
  • Fully automated processes to align with organization vision
  • Optimized department structure on basis of skills and head count in line with global solution

Envecon Contribution

  • Vast industry specific business knowledge
  • Pre-study and solution management in line with expected global standard s defined at group level
  • Structuring operational processes as per predefined global solution.
  • User Training to business process owners
  • Interfaces to 3rd Party Applications, for Terminal Operations, Crane Management Systems etc
  • Data migration through standard templates
  • Equipment structures as per Normalized Global Object Structures
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Cut-over and Go-live
  • Post Go-Live Support