Developing fully Operational Ports and Terminals


Following were the business challenges and opportunities while going through the project:

-The existing ERP was unable to support business processes

-Heavy use of Manual Processes during operational flow of the port due to which there were high level errors and weak process integration

-Primarily excel based planning of Preventive Maintenance Schedule was being practiced

-There was no single view of operation, and hence business Critical Processes were not automated due to which financial closure was slow and unreliable

-The instability in the user community against management, Inefficiency and errors where pretty evident. Which resulted in high cost due to un-optimized utilization of resources


Application Area were:

-IFS 7.5 SP2

-Enterprise Asset Maintenance

-Team of 4 members were involved in this project



Following were business benefits, once the problems were overcome:

  • Streamlined and painless operations without loss of established process efficiencies
  • Trusted system and satisfied users
  • Better and advanced processes in line with Global standards
  • Single view of the organization in one system, than with multiple systems
  • Reduced effort for IT, to monitor and maintain data in IFS
  • Analytics reports available to all key users
  • Seamless integration with outsourced external vendors EAM system which handles preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Achieving very high level of accuracy in Inventory

Contribution by Envecon:

  • Pre-Study and solution management in line with Expected Global Standard Processes
  • User Training
  • Development of Reports on Crystal reports format
  • Interfaces to multiple(8) 3rd party applications for ensuring reduced work load and high process automation
  • Enhancements to existing IFS processes through new features from IFS.
  • Data Migration through standard templates
  • Equipment Structures as per Normalized Global Object Structures
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Cut-over and Go-live
  • Post Go-Live Support