Performance Management System

Terminal Performance Management

It works as Single version of truth at all levels of management in the organization and act as smart decision support tool. An intuitive and Graphically rich solution to provide real time, at-a-glance display of performance measures and powerful operations information through various analytical tools. A powerful tool for terminal performance  analytics  for decision making  in real-time

Visualize and analyze data from across the organization on your dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making. Dashboards are web-based and mobile optimized, which enables users to access any data, anywhere.

Envecon provides solutions for efficiently managing all business functions in a holistic environment and supports future growth while reducing business overheads and maintaining customer-focused services.

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Enterprise-level, self-service dashboards – let you monitor and measure performance and business metrics in real-time

Multi-Level Drill down

Live Dashboards

Interactive Charts

Sample Dashboard

Gate Operations Dashboard
Introducing KPI’s that could be measured at every step of gate operation with some good visualization of hidden data in the Terminal operating system is one way to improve gate productivity.
Yard Inventory Dashboard
This dashboard helps you to foresee yard inventory performance and take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles.
Real-Time Berth Performance Dashboard
This dashboards helps to identify where the hold-ups are located and helps to effectively develop strategies to reduce delay and improve efficiency so that preventive and corrective action can be taken.


  • Visibility for live and historical data analysis
  • Monitor real time performance and improve operational efficiency
  • Complex analytics presented in simpler form with indicators, gauges, graphs and charts
  • User friendly customizable interface collaborating multiple business applications under single view
  • Graphical drill-down to support management by exception
  • User configurable reporting tool with report designer and dashboard designer
  • Complete package with various modules like – operations, scm, eam, manufacturing, engineering, commercial, finance, hr
  • Manual input mode for the data which is not captured by any business application

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