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Oil and Gas

Market Leading Business Software for Oil & Gas

Envecon provides IFS Solutions which is the undisputed market leader of providing business software to the oil field service industry working with more than 400 project or/and asset driven Oil and Gas companies.

IFS software offers a comprehensive enterprise-wide business support for sales and contract management, engineering, project management, document management, asset and service management, supply chain subcontracting – including finance and human capital management for Oil and Gas companies onshore and offshore.

IFS’s inbuilt data replication capability ensures that any disconnected offshore operations are supported to ensure transparency and visibility.

IFS Application Solutions

Corporate Performance Management
Service Contract Management
Offers solutions in Marketing & Sales, Invoice Parameters, Revaluation, Maintenance Plan, Service Level Agreement, Pricing, Pro-Rata Calculation and Periodic Allocation.
Call Handling
Provides support in Case Management, Escalation, Client 360 View, Dispatch, Queue Handling and Journal.
Offshore Service
Offers service in Time Management, Moving Stack, Mobility, Expenses, Standard Job and Fault Statistics.
Onshore Service
Offers service in Loan/Hire Units, Accessories, Exchange, Information Log, Shipment and Disposition.
Workforce Management
Provides support in Competence Management, Time & Attendance, Team Planning, Gantt Scheduling, Availability Planning, Work Load Analysis, Availability Search, Map Positioning)
Project Management
Provides support in Project Planning, Work Breakdown Structure, Project Accounting, Progress, Estimating, Resource Planning, Budget & Forecasting and Revenue Recognition.
Install Base Management
Provides support in Serial Tracking, Lifecycle Management, Preventive Maintenance and Warranty.

Support Processes

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Oil and Gas industry has been re-evaluating its core business processes in select areas such as capital projects and safety. But there are many other opportunities for business transformation. Aligning Information Technology with business processes, not only in these areas but across the board, is essential to achieve the required efficiencies. There is a need to use business process management tools to orchestrate (to coordinate) operational procedures that span both operators and suppliers in the complex oil and gas ecosystem.

Offshore Mobile Asset Owners

IFS supports both the onshore and offshore business of international companies. Experience and implementation methodology delivers customers faster time to business value. To get the maximum business value from offshore assets requires integrated visibility of a globally distributed fleet and a complex multi-company structure in a single user interface to ensure user satisfaction, traceability and visibility.

EPC and Offshore Service Providers

Contractors require a modern, proven project-driven business solution for efficient handling of new build, modification and service contracts. For offshore service providers installing, maintaining or renting out equipment, the ability to manage people, materials, tools and assets in one project solution is key to success. An integrated solution for projects, assets and service helps EPCs and service providers increase visibility, improve project control and better margins.

Project Manufacturers Serving Oil & Gas

Systems and equipment, essential to functioning of the oil and gas industry, needs to be constructed, or assembled and delivered on time and on budget. The potential upside of a through-life asset or service support contract is huge.

Companies that manufacture capital equipment for the oil and gas industry can rely on IFS software for powerful functionality for engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing, project management, and aftermarket service management.

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