Master Data Management in IFS (MDM)

Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management (MDM) in IFS empowers customers to collaborate and innovate with reliable master data across the organization. MDM helps centralize all the master data in one place, which is then synchronized to all enterprise applications and avoid discrepancy, inconsistency and duplication of data. Enables efficient management of master data, provides data integration from IFS Applications to other applications for better decision making and process execution.

IFS Data Management enables you to:

  • Consolidate critical information across the enterprise while reducing redundancy
  •  Improve data integrity and ensure validity as well as completeness
  • Eliminate silos of master data across all locations, departments or business units ensuring consistency

  • Improve operational efficiency by aligning organizational and operational data.
  • Enhance the customer experience by using insights to drive business performance.
  • Save resources and cost by automating several essential data processes.

How IFS Master Data Management works?

• Data Management process involves controls by data owners and data stewards

• Requestor raises a request to create new master data or modify existing master data

• Data Owners authorize or deny access to certain master data, and is responsible for its accuracy, integrity and timeliness

• Data Stewards from various business units control specific master data domains

• One-time configuration occurs on MDM template for each IFS master objects which need to be managed.

• Templates will have all the fields from the master data screen.

• Configures the mandatory fields and default business rule values based on the business process requirements.

• Defines approval routing for each MDM Templates.

• Combines multiple IFS master data screen or tabs in one template.

• Engage with our SMEs, distinguished engineers and integration specialists who have worked with hundreds of clients to build winning master data management strategies.

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