IFS has more than 25 years of experience and expert solutions and knowledge of the manufacturing industry. IFS offer best-in-class solutions that span the whole breadth of manufacturing – whether that’s Engineer-To-Order (ETO), Configure-To-Order (CTO), Make-To-Order (MTO), Make-To-Stock (MTS), Make-To-Forecast (MTF), mixed mode, custom or short product lifecycle manufacturing. IFS solutions turn manufacturing challenges into opportunities and remove the hassle from your day to day business.

IFS Applications is a single, integrated, cloud-enabled application suite that is specifically designed to meet the demands of all types of manufacturing business. Through its multi-mode, global capabilities, we have a winning platform for change that can support new products, services and channels.

Envecon’s Solutions for your organization

Envecon leverages its deep industry expertise to help manufacturers, to speed up product development, enhance service capabilities and reduce operating costs. As strong Partners of IFS, we offer IFS solutions that help optimize the entire process – from production planning, project management, process scheduling and compliance, to mobile supply chain management – while shrinking total manufacturing costs.
Process Manufacturing
As trusted global partner of IFS, we provide a comprehensive suite of process manufacturing solutions in IFS that includes ERP and SCM services that help Process Manufacturing companies deal with industry consolidation, global supply chain complexity, and volatile commodity prices. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum from roadmap definition to design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, as well as running support processes.
Project-based Manufacturing
We offer project-based ERP solution in IFS with a strong focus on financials, HR, and asset management in addition to the standard ERP functionality that is required to run successful operation. A single, integrated solution gives a real-time feedback at any stage of manufacturing that enables to act proactively to deviations from plan—a plan that is updated automatically when information is added anywhere, anytime. All the information in the applications, completed projects become templates for successive jobs. This makes costing and risk management so much easier and eliminates nasty surprises.

Business Processes:

• CRM/Marketing
• Demand Planning
• Product Development
• Supply Chain Management
• Manufacturing
• Sales & Operations

A global automotive component manufacturer implements IFS APPLICATIONSTM

IFS Application Solutions

Manufacturing Strategy
Make to Stock/Forecast, Make to Order, Assembly to Order, Engineer to Order, Configure to Order, Outsourcing, Project Manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing.
Product Lifecycle Management
CAD Connectors, Product Data Management, New Product Introduction, Regulatory Compliance, Recipe/Formula/Substances, Product Estimating and Statistical process Control.
Customer Management
Sales & Marketing, Collaborative, Forecasting, Customer Analytics, Sales & Delivery, Order Promises, Sales Service and Trade Promotions.
Supply Chain Management
Sales & Operations Planning, Master Planning & Simulation, Multisite Planning/Shell Life, Capacity Management/Yield, Procurement/Traceability, Supplier Management, MRP/DDRP and Eco-Footprint.
Project Management
Project Planning, Estimating, Work Breakdown Structure, Resource Planning, Project Accounting, Budget & Forecasting, Progress and Revenue Recognition.
Support Processes
Finance & eInvoice, Maintenance, Collaborative Solutions, Document Management, Human Resources, Inventory Management, Quality Management & Personal Portals.

Envecon, our team of dedicated technology experts ensures that manufacturing customers get the business results through their technology investments and outsourcing programs. Also,helps business to grow proactively by bridging the gaps between customers to suppliers and from suppliers to employees.

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