Integrated Operating System

Terminal Operating System

Envecon provides optimized solutions for General Cargo Terminals and Inland container terminals with our TOS solution covering end to end operational process in a port environment. Comprehensive and highly modularized solution which can be customized to client’s business requirements. The system uses BI algorithms to determine what where and when should happen on the terminals.

We have domain expertise and the solutions to seamlessly integrate various aspects of operations and data exchanges. The configurability and modular nature of our products ensures faster implementations that are scalable to meet your future needs.

Integrated System for General Cargo Terminal

General Cargo terminal operations are more diverse and complex, we offer complete integrated solution or a component you may need. Our TOS solution will increase your Port and Terminal’s efficiency by minimum 80%. Solution offers wide range ports and terminals operations like Dry Bulk (Cranes), Liquid Bulk (Pipes), Dry Bulk Conveyors (Conveyor Belts), Bagging Unit, etc. Our product will help you to gain a single view of your operations, enabling you to make smarter decisions faster, which will maximize your operational efficiency and improve your competitiveness.

We has successfully partnered with Logstar GenCare, to manage the end-to-end Operations at your General Cargo Terminal Operations. Different Modes of Operations using Crane, RORO, Pipe, Conveyor, Manual etc. At the Quay, Yard and the Gates can be managed through GenCare. Tally of Cargo handled, Equipment deployed and Resources used can be captured and collated in GenCare. Break-Bulk Operations too can be managed.
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Different Types of General Cargo Terminal Operations

Integrated System for Container Terminal

Sample Dashboard

General Cargo Dashboards
Dashboard analyses based on type of vessel arrived and vessel sailed during a selected period. Also monitor the total revenue based on the cargo details.
Commercial Management Dashboards
Dashboards analyses Import-Export, Inbound-Outbound service of tonnage.
Performance Management Dashboards
Dashboards analyses weekly as well as annual performance of tonnage.


  • Mobility
  • Automation
  • Reliability Centered Technical Asset Management
  • Labor Optimization
  • Data as an asset
  • Internet of things
  • Flexible and visual reporting
  • Real-time performance tracking

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