Get Real-time View in a Single Screen on Terminal Performance

OneView Berth Performance Dashboard 

Terminal performance

Since faster turnaround of vessels being one of the key priority for container terminal operations, OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of berth performance on a single screen.

Gives you all information in a single click

  1. Real-time Shift Performance
  2. Real-time QC Performance
  3. Gross moves and Berth moves per hour
  4. Delays
  5. Safety issues

And many more to improve terminal operational efficiencies and quick decision making.

This dashboard shows real time data and gives live picture of vessel operations enabling the terminal staff to monitor and improve their work efficiency to achieve the desired targets.

Many terminals are unable to record/measure the real-time data and thus lag behind on their terminal performance. Hence with OneView you can foresee any operational issues and take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles in your terminal efficiency .

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