Five reasons why outsourcing your ERP needs is a smart plan

By Shameer Shaik 

If you have ERP implemented in your business set up, you are always going to need support and governance to provide for business process adherence, KPI establishment and monitoring, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. The traditional model has been to sign up long-term maintenance contracts with ERP vendors or systems integrators combined with an in-house team to coordinate these activities. Reach to our experienced IFS experts through our 24×7 ERP Service Desk.

Here are a few compelling reasons why companies are looking at alternate models and increasingly outsourcing their ERP requirements:

1) Access to the best ERP experts in the business

The service provider undertakes various types of ERP services which are often complex and require high level of expertise. They therefore have a pool of resources that they can tap into anytime to solve any ERP issue that a company might face. This is not only a cost saver but also a time saver, issues get resolved quickly and things don’t get stuck for lack of problem solving capabilities.

It’s like buying a desk in a co-working space, but having access to all the other facilities like meeting rooms and coffee for the same price

2) Operating models can be created to suit the company’s preferred IT set up

Every company has a unique way of doing business and their processes and organizations are set up accordingly. Earlier, the lack of flexibility prompted IT heads to design their own organization. Packages are now available that can be tailored to various priority and complexity levels to address key aspects like end user assistance, existing design-based rectification, enhancements/change requests and product support.

With such flexible and customized options, in-house set ups are not able to match up to the value that is being offered. While reducing costs has always been on the agenda, it was not going to be at the expense of not getting what you wanted. This argument is now fading away

3) The service is available 24×7 to serve customers globally

A request can be registered anywhere any time and the process is simple and straightforward and based on global norms. While the size of the company does not really matter, the wider spread and international you are, the better the case for it.

With a 24×7 set up, someone is working on resolving your issues while you are not in office

4) Monitoring of incidents and requests can always be done

The status of various incidents and change requests can be monitored at all times and can be further viewed and analyzed as per requirements. Compliance with service level agreements can also be monitored.

One of the concerns that IT heads have with outsourcing is not being in a state of full control. Not only can the set-up be customized as per the preference of the head of department, there is full visibility of what is going on – in fact there is likely better control here.

5) In a dynamic business environment, ERP requirements are bound to change

ERP requirements today will likely change tomorrow. Even if a company signs up on a package today, this package may not always fully reflect the requirements for the future. The flexibility to adapt to future requirements when needed allows them to invest judiciously. With ERP experts providing such a service desk, they will look out for signals that may need attention of the company. Issues can be identified and resolved immediately.

Most times, it is not the company issuing a ticket to solve the problem. Possible issues are identified proactively, and this saves major headaches later. Prevention is better than cure

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Shameer Shaik is Envecon’s Delivery Manager for IFS Support Services. He manages a team that currently oversees support services for 100+ IFS projects in 50+ countries. Reach to our experienced IFS experts through our 24×7 ERP Service Desk.

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