Faster ROI of IFS Applications with Oneview











An intuitive and graphically rich solution created out of IFS Data sources to provide real time, at-a-glance visuals of organization performance with “A Single Version of Truth” for all business functions.

OneView captures and integrates business critical information from IFS Applications, Work Force Management and other niche local systems used in industries like Ports and Terminals, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Aerospace, Offshore, EPCI, Aviation and Inland Terminals.

Collaborative excellence with integrated view of all functions

Business driven solution to get OneView of all organizational functions working on IFS platform like, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales, Projects,  Production, Engineering, Financials, HR, CRM to provide real time input to business for quicker decision making.

It provides cutting edge by offering total insight in main business pillars like,

Operational excellence

  • To track real-time operational performance at a glance

Commercial excellence

  • To get trend analysis to show short term and long term health of business

Decision excellence

  • Helps in real time decisions and access information from any-time anywhere any-place

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of organization performance at a single glance.

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