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IFS Payroll Solution is now available in Aurena

Envecon launches IFS Payroll solution in Aurena – a state-of-the-art browser-based user experience, offering end-users an intuitive and device responsive interface.

For more than a decade, our payroll solution is present in the market catering to over half a million users, spread across marquee firms. Our payroll solution offers:

– Responsive client framework and can work on any platform

– Configurable, provides flexibility and agility to cover most of the countries

– User friendly and easy to configure as per HR policy

– Employee Self Service Portal

– Easy to operate and maintain “

Envecon Payroll Solution – One Stop Solution for all your HR Needs


Payroll Highlights:
Envecon provides complete centralized Payroll solution to unify and streamline various HR services across various locations.
This solution helps in managing employee compensation by

• Automatically generating pay slips and employee notifications about payment transfer
• Customizing compensation policies and incentives based on grade, department and location
• Addressing to disbursement perquisites, one-time pay-outs, bonuses, and commissions painlessly
• Flawless payroll processing with tailored checks and data sync with all HR records
• Automatically syncing with loss of pay data for effective pay roll processing
• Auto generating tax slips depicting detailed tax calculations for all employees
• Hassle-free claims and investments verification
• The payroll software allows easy entry as well as bulk import of employee records comprising of information on personal, professional, organizational, statutory and banking information
• The software also maintains change log of critical data such as transfers, promotions etc.

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Leading Hydropower Generation Company Recreated their HR Services
Leading Hydropower Generation Company Recreated their HR Services by Leveraging Easily Configurable Envecon’s Payroll Solution and Infusing Agility in Business Processes

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