Envecon IFS Upgrade Services

Envecon IFS Upgrade Services

Business Need:

  • Upgrading multiple instances and versions of IFS to one unified globally shared instance of the latest IFS version
  • Consolidating and upgrading the “as-is” IFS solutions
  • Revisions and amendments to Business Processes and Working Methods as envisaged in the latest IFS Version
  • Standardizing and streamlining of business processes and redundant customizations across different global entities and merging the multiple instances to one global instance
  • Application landscape comprising of various front-end applications manually interacting with IFS to be automated

Envecon IFS Upgrade Services

Envecon has delivered 300+ IFS projects
in 50+ countries
enabling 50,000+ Users
20+ Upgrade project
Envecon provides 24×7 Global Service Desk L1, L2 and L3 support including source code management to 70+ customers

Envecon Upgrade Services uses best-in-class methodology and standardized tools to simplify the upgrade process. Our experts help you complete the upgrade faster with lower risk and cost. Our Upgrade Services include:

Process consulting
CRIM Development
Data Migration
Application Solution Testing and System Integration Testing
Standard integration with third-party system
Country localization
Project and program management
Enterprise Mobility solution
L2 and L3 support services
Managed Services

Key Benefits

Reduced waste, duplication of effort and risks involved in maintaining several different instances
Minimized the impact of business change
Lowered total cost of ownership
Lowered cost of overall maintenance due to coverage of patch delivery, bug fixes etc.
Developed a set of standardized global blueprint
Decreased process complexity
Reduced carbon footprint of maintaining multiple Application servers, Database Servers, Reporting servers etc.
ReducEnabled better holistic reporting, processes and adherence of global regulatory regulations
Eliminated duplicated workflow and applications

Case Study

World’s Leading Container Terminal Operator Company Partners with Envecon to Upgrade and Standardize their Business Processes
Our customer is one of the world’s leading port operators that provides cargo handling and logistics services. They have presence across the globe in more than 50 countries and offer container, general cargo stevedoring, transportation, maintenance & repair and management services.