Enterprise Service Management

IFS Service Management™ is about providing the best software solution to any type of service business. Whether you’re delivering service in the field, in a depot, within a plant, with capital and linear assets, with a consumer or through booking appointments —no other software offers the scope of IFS Service Management, making us the clear leader in this space.

IFS provides an unrivaled breadth in addressing the full service lifecycle, so unlike other solutions you won’t have to fill any gaps with additional software purchases. Complete service management means automating and streamlining processes, addressing cost constraints, and optimizing resources, all while delighting your customers. Simple, but powerful.

As an integral part of IFS Applications™, the most agile ERP system on the market, IFS Enterprise Service Management™ provides extensive service and asset management. Some Benefits of IFS ESM

  • Ensure both sides of the customer experience run seamlessly with exchange and shipment management, barcode enabling, information logs and more.
  • Manage complex, long-term projects with budgeting and forecasting tools, work breakdown structures and project planning.
  • Support planned and predictive maintenance models. Show detailed task lists and work breakdown structures.
  • Access all features and functionality anywhere, at any time where there is an internet connection. Stay connected to the field in real time, increasing your visibility

IFS Application Solutions

EAM for Ports and Terminal asset management and maintenance
Envecon provides End to End Enterprise Asset Management Solution for Equipment, Yard, Berth, Facilities, Buildings and other infrastructure in Ports and Terminals.
Enterprise Billing solution for Ports and Terminals
An industry agnostic event-based billing & management solution (Enabill) with IFS simplifies and manages complex billing/revenue systems and ensures better control of the revenue flow.
Business Intelligence for Ports and Terminals
We offer a packaged integration including BI software, metadata and content that allows you to quickly and inexpensively add BI to IFS Applications, greatly compressing time to value.
Depot Management System for multi-modal hubs and inland depots
With relatively lower ‘entry barriers’ Inland Container Terminals have to cater to the requirements and demands of a much wider customer base and stakeholders.

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