Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Agile Enterprise Resource Planning Software - Capitalize on change

At Envecon, we undertake responsibility for end-to-end implementation of IFS ERP, project execution, upgrade and meeting the end objectives of the customers, within the scope, time and cost.

IFS is a different kind of enterprise resource planning software. It is not complex and rigid like some other ERP suites. Instead, it is designed to help you rapidly take advantage of emerging technology and the changing market landscape, maximizing the agility of your business.

ENVECON provides complete Enterprise Implementation Lifecycle:

  • Selection of ERP Vendor
  • Pre implementation Approach
  • ERP Training and Implementation
  • Measuring Range Compability and ROI
  • Operational Audit
  • Post Implementation Audit
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Management and Monitoring

Our solution includes functionality for Enterprise Project Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Service Management. The application can be configured for a variety of industries and excels in demanding settings that combine elements of manufacturing, project, service and asset management

Supply Chain Management
Human Capital Management

Our success stories of implementing End to end ERP implementation include large enterprises like NHPC (National Hydro Power Corporation), HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), SAVEX (3rd largest Information and Communication Technology Distributor in India) and many more.

  • 27 diverse divisions including Aircraft, Helicopters, Engines, Avionics, Accessories divisions involving Western and Russian Technology
  • End-to-end implementation including Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Finance, HR, Payroll, Engineering, Projects.
  • Every single business process of HAL runs on IFS Applications Strong Domain knowledge of business processes in Aerospace & Defense Industry.
  • The implementation of IFS Applications was carried out at NHPC for 31 locations with 10,000 users using IFS ApplicationsTM
  • NHPC streamlined all its Business processes by implementing End-to-End IFS ERP including IFS Energy and Sales & Accounting, IFS Project Management, IFS Engineering & Quality Assurance, IFS Operations, IFS Human Resources, IFS Distribution and IFS Financials.
  • By implementing IFS ApplicationsTM , NHPC created a single database covering all critical business processes and adopted best business practices. This has facilitated high levels of coordination and synchronization between key functions and operations of NHPC and has increased employee productivity and quality of performance, while eliminating data redundancy.

Savex Technologies (12,000 crores plus) IT hardware distribution company went live with IFS ApplicationsTM. The Big Bang approach of implementation of IFS with all basic modules went live at same time was well co-ordinate by Savex Project team and Envecon Team successfully. Right from the start, the Business Process Owners and the Super Users in each function were totally committed to the project and ensured it was a big success. Top management commitment throughout the process went a long way in making the project a Go Live on time successfully.


IFS solution is ideal for demanding discrete and process manufacturing environments including those with heavy traceability req uirements like food and beverage and aviation and defense as well as project-centric settings

IFS Applications allows enterprises to operate flexibly, with any combination of make-to-stock, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order modes, it supports everything from high volume repetitive manufacturing to batch and complex project-based manufacturing. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Sales and Operations Planning and the Manufacturing Visualizer are just some of the capabilities that make IFS a leading manufacturing solution.

Open, standardized technology allows you to easily integrate with surrounding systems such as MES or WMS, or to turn data captured from sensors and devices into actionable insights using the IFS IoT Business Connector. And being part of our broader ERP suite, manufacturers also get access to solutions for asset management, supply chain and project management.


Project management is a core component of IFS and can be leveraged as project-driven ERP or Project Portfolio Management. Plant shutdowns, product launches, engineering projects, asset and product lifecycles can be managed intelligently within our software.

Those charged with managing complex project lifecycles are often forced to use separate software products to manage different stages of the project – tendering, commercial, estimating, engineering, procurement, manufacturing & fabrication, planning, cost control, construction, installation and commissioning.

IFS enterprise project management software capabilities unite these steps in a single integrated process, pulling data on real-time activities directly into a project plan. This affords the ultimate in control and visibility, enabling real-time control over cost, cash, time, resources and risk. IFS offers a true project-based solution – in essence, an enterprise solution built around project management principles rather than repetitive processes.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management functionality is an embedded and advanced component within IFS, providing you with a powerful logistics solution in demanding environments like aviation and defense, oilfield services and multi-location manufacturing

In an enterprise resource planning software environment, supply chain management is part of the business as a whole, with multiple dependencies to core processes like service, manufacturing or projects. Our supply chain management software provides functionality including procurement, warehousing and sales as a core component of our solution.

It delivers:

  • Sales forecasting and demand planning
  • Inventory planning and replenishment
  • Multi-site and multi-entity planning and execution for supply network visibility and coordination
  • Warehouse management solution with advanced capabilities
  • CRM, sales order management and customer invoicing to capture all transactions and interactions from opportunity to cash.
  • SRM, purchase order management, arrival and inspection for a complete procurement solution.


IFS Enterprise Service Management provides service organizations with complete end-to-end service management, reducing overall expenditure with multiple vendors and providing unrivaled efficiency and automation with a fully integrated solution that addresses all aspects of the service chain from backend to front end.

IFS robust service management simplifies your service processes while providing asset focused businesses with a complete service solution.

IFS customers report:

  • 10% improvement of asset update
  • 95%+ rate for meeting customer SLA’s

100% completion rate of all planned maintenance


Seamless integration with IFS solutions and an extensive suite of capabilities places IFS Financials at the heart of the business, enabling accurate and timely accounting information for reporting and decision making.

Wherever the key challenges lie in your business, IFS Financials offers the capability and support to present the information you require, when and where you need it most.

In corporate consolidations, project financial control, strategic forecasting, operational performance and global compliance, IFS Financials is supporting customers today for the achievements of tomorrow.

Human Capital Management

Designed and written into the heart of IFS solutions, IFS Human Capital Management (HCM) is the lifeblood of any organization.

As globalization and technologies constantly change working practices, an integrated and flexible ERP solution that takes advantage of these changes becomes essential.

In strategic sourcing and planning, talent development, time and expenses allocation, performance management, and core HR for global corporations, IFS HCM helps develop people today for the teams of tomorrow.

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