Enterprise Billing Solution for Ports and Terminals - envecon

Customer Requirements:

    • Multisite (Single Application Single Database)
    • Multicurrency and multiple exchange rate
    • Complex tax structure and applicability rules
    • Complex rules for discounts, rebates and waivers
    • Roles and Access for approvals
    • Multiple and complex contract structures – Standard, Special or spot tariffs
    • Controls for revenue leakages
    • Integrations with ERP and other operations system
    • Proforma invoices, invoices (includes credit and debit notes) and AR capabilities


    • Rich UI experience and mobility features
    • Highly configurable
    • Single Application database hosted on Cloud servers
    • Secure workflow approvals, back-end protected servers
    • Automated integrations through APIs (eliminates duplication of data entry)
    • Highly scalable with low TCO
    • Event based triggers from operation systems to avoid revenue leakage
    • Credit checks per transaction
    • Configurable contracts structure with rules definition, taxes and ERP integration
    • Audit trial (records)
    • Customization for customer portal or POS/ Payment Gateway Integration
    • Feature to have BI tools for interactive dashboards / Reports

Enabill is highly lucrative solution that can integrate with any ERP

Enabill is easily pluggable and simple to integrate with other systems, hence, enhances customer reach

Enabill can handle the following billing services:

  • Port Dues and/or Berth Hire
  • Vessel Movements or Shiftings
  • Pilotage & Towage
  • Other Marine Services
  • Vessel/Berth Delays related penalties
  • Stevedoring Charges (Cargo/Container)
  • Terminal Handling Charges (Cargo/Container)
  • Wharfage Charges (Cargo/Container)
  • Different types of Warehouse Storage Charges
  • Silo Storage Charges
  • Tank Farm Storage Charges
  • Cargo Receipt/Delivery Charges
  • Lease Rentals for Warehouse/Silo/Tank Farm Storage space
  • Annual Volume based Discounts/Rebate


    • Ease of switching multiple sites from a single screen through single application database hosted on cloud servers.
    • Reduces manual efforts for currency conversion. System is capable of handling multi-currencies at configuration level.
    • Ease of handling complex tax structure and applicability rules at configuration level.
    • Highly configurable screens to define complex rules for discounts, rebates and waivers.
    • Reduces vulnerability to fraud by providing secure workflow approvals for user roles and accesses.
    • System is capable of handling multiple and complex contracts (Standard/Publish, Special and Spot).
    • System eliminates revenue leakages by providing secure workflow approvals and backend protected servers.
    • System can automatically integrate with ERPs and other Operating Systems through APIs while eliminating duplication of data entries.
    • System supports generation of multiple proforma invoices, credit and debit notes along with AR capabilities.

Enabill – the integrated billing solution- supports the billing team to overcome the identified challenges and maintain long-term, healthy relationships with customers and vendors Read more

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