Enterprise Asset Management for Ports and Terminals

Enterprise Asset Management for Ports and Terminals

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions, helps in gaining real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, manage asset lifecycle, measure and manage energy consumption and improve your return on assets.

The benefits of Enterprise Asset Management are compelling:

* Reduce maintenance costs

* Reduce production costs

* Reduce labor costs

* Increase maintenance productivity

* Help improve your enterprise asset maintenance practices

* Help you comply with applicable regulations

* Minimize equipment breakdowns

* Minimize downtime

Enterprise Asset Management should have well defined ERP processes within itself to fully manage the life cycle of asset and should provide integrated processes in Finance, Procurement, Inventory and Project.

PLAN: Align Asset Acquisitions to corporate strategy. Link each Asset to the organizational budget and Revenue to be realized.


ACQUIRE: Negotiate agreements to maximize value. Huge assets that have longer cycle should be defined as projects, thus managing capitalization with a structured approach and control.


OPERATE: Track Asset Utilization by capturing its Efficiency, Uptime, Downtime and its contribution to the “No of Moves per Hour “and the Overall TEUs achieved. Thus in turn tracking and stream lining your return on investments.


MANAGE: Implement support infrastructure and process to enhance productivity and satisfaction. Establishing a seamless communication between Operations and Maintenance, for Equipment Availability and Optimized Performance is the key to enabling higher productivity.


RETIRE: Analyze the useful life of an Asset by establishing a consolidated view of Assets Current Value, Annual Maintenance Costs and its Performance. Any asset that has an increased liability should be retired, by comparing it with the Replacement Costs.


Enterprise Asset Management in Ports and Terminal, provide uniformity and ease of use across the asset groups and maintenance locations, thus creating efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Port Authority can use the this solution to meet or exceed goals and requirements of this initiative.


EAM, optimize the work flows, funding allocations, and resource utilization resulting in enhanced organizational transparency that facilitates accurate and agile capital planning. This assists Port Authority with better decision making based upon quality information.


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