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Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities are a primary segment for IFS, with best-practices solutions implemented globally. These include for some of the world’s largest power-generation projects, national-grid corporations, nuclear-power plants and multi-national generation, transmission and distribution companies. IFS is the only broad Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Resources Planning (ERP) suite vendor whose origins lie in development of an asset-management solution for utilities. Thereby, IFS Applications supports enterprise-asset infrastructures critical to quality of life for millions.

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IFS offer complete bouquet of Applications and solutions; Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), contract management, project management & other functionalities. Energy & Utilities industry segments includes:

Electric Transmission & Distribution
Offers field service, Enterprise Asset Management and Asset Life-cycle Management for transmission and distribution.
Power Generation
Offers a full enterprise solution encompassing EAM, service management and even Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) needs of power generation companies.
Offers the telecom sector Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and advanced field service management for outside plant.
Waste & Sewage
Offers Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), with mobile work orders and advanced mobile workforce management. Plus a proven open solution to integrate with GIS and SCADA systems for pump station controls and more.
Waste Treatment & Distribution
Gives water utilities asset lifecycle management solution with world-class maintenance and field service management.

Business Processes

IFS Application Solutions

Corporate Performance Management
Service Contract Management
Offers solutions in Marketing & Sales, Invoice Parameters, Revaluation, Maintenance Plan, Service Level Agreement, Pricing, Pro-Rata Calculation and Periodic Allocation.
Call Handling
Provides support in Case Management, Escalation, Client 360 View, Dispatch, Queue Handling and Journal.
Offshore Service
Offers service in Time Management, Moving Stack, Mobility, Expenses, Standard Job and Fault Statistics.
Onshore Service
Offers service in Loan/Hire Units, Accessories, Exchange, Information Log, Shipment and Disposition.
Workforce Management
Provides support in Competence Management, Time & Attendance, Team Planning, Gantt Scheduling, Availability Planning, Work Load Analysis, Availability Search, Map Positioning)
Project Management
Provides support in Project Planning, Work Breakdown Structure, Project Accounting, Progress, Estimating, Resource Planning, Budget & Forecasting and Revenue Recognition.
Install Base Management
Provides support in Serial Tracking, Lifecycle Management, Preventive Maintenance and Warranty.

Support Processes


  • Single database covering all processes
  • Capability to adopt best-practices
  • Shorter contractor payment through integration with financials

  • Enhanced maintenance processes and spare parts management
  • Smoother procurement processes
  • Improved billing flows

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