Depot Management System

With relatively lower ‘entry barriers’ Inland Container Terminals have to cater to the requirements and demands of a much wider customer base and stakeholders. We have domain expertise and the solutions to seamlessly integrate various aspects of operations and data exchanges. The configurability and modular nature of our products ensures faster implementations that are scalable to meet your future needs.

Efficiency of Operations at the gates, yard and vessel constitute the primary success indicators for most Container Terminals. A high degree of sophistication and reliability is also required for the various data exchanges that is a norm for Container Terminal Operations. Our goal is to provide you a concise and cost-effective solution to assist in improving these Operations efficiency and the reliability of data exchanges. Probably the greatest challenge is the complexity of services offered at General Cargo Terminals, and thus the increased complexity in Operations and Tariff structures. We offer end-to-end solutions for managing all aspects of General Cargo Terminal Operations and its complexities. It also helps in arresting Revenue Leakages arising out these complexities.

IFS Application Solutions

EAM for Ports and Terminal asset management and maintenance
Envecon provides End to End Enterprise Asset Management Solution for Equipment, Yard, Berth, Facilities, Buildings and other infrastructure in Ports and Terminals.
Enterprise Service Management for Supply chain management
IFS Service Management™ is about providing the best software solution to any type of service business.
Enterprise Billing solution for Ports and Terminals
An industry agnostic event-based billing & management solution (Enabill) with IFS simplifies and manages complex billing/revenue systems and ensures better control of the revenue flow.
Business Intelligence
We offer a packaged integration including BI software, metadata and content that allows you to quickly and inexpensively add BI to IFS Applications, greatly compressing time to value.

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