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Cloud Services

When selecting software, it’s all about having the ability to choose the solutions that work best for your business. This isn’t just about picking the right functionality – pricing and deployment options are equally important to ensure a good fit with business needs. Availability of skilled staff, capital, hardware, cloud-based services, and networking infrastructure all play a role in choosing licensing and deployment models. Whatever your business priorities, Envecon helps you to run our software in a way that suits you best. When choosing Envecon you will empower your business with innovative cloud-based software solutions and SaaS. You choose your preferred deployment option, how the software is maintained and how you pay to use it.

Choose a more streamlined cloud-based SaaS solution. Envecon’s IFS cloud solutions let you embrace the benefits of moving your business-critical IT assets to the cloud.

Maximum Security - Without the Worry

Envecon runs your IFS software on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Highly secure, the installation is fully maintained, updated and monitored by us. We take care of all cloud-based solution elements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: cloud infrastructure, server operating systems, databases, middleware and IFS software. For workflows subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) export control, the IFS Managed Cloud for ITAR service can even support your compliance obligations. A simple, readily scalable monthly subscription covers exactly what you need.


Although Envecon offers both IFS in-cloud and on-premise software installations, increasingly organizations are choosing to run IFS software on IFS Cloud. Here’s why:


    • Is a fully-deductible operating expense
    • IFS is responsible for ensuring availability of applications
    • 3-year monthly subscription (enhanced SaaS) or perpetual (Managed Cloud) software licensing
    • Access to infrastructure within hours
    • Lowest impact on monthly cash flow and taxable revenue


    • Is a capital expense
    • Your staff are responsible for ensuring availability of applications
    • Perpetual software licensing (with monthly payment option)
    • Access to infrastructure after procurement, deployment and testing
    • Lowest total cost of ownership over 3+ years

A Simple, Affordable, Monthly Service Subscription: Successful enterprises are migrating core IT applications to the IFS Cloud to seize new opportunities. Enjoy guaranteed availability, with minimum in-house IT resources and overheads, through an affordable monthly service subscription.

9 Business Drivers for IFS Cloud

1. Fund business solutions without compromising cashflow : Cloud-based subscriptions offer affordable, predictable monthly outlay. As software rental costs are operating expenditure (Opex), they can be fully subtracted from revenue when calculating the organization’s profit/loss. This minimizes the amount of profit liable for tax.

2. Quickly see return on investment: With no need to wait for hardware procurement, deployment or testing, standard IFS Cloud solutions can start implementation sooner

3. Increase business focus: Free your valuable IT staff from routine administrative chores, patching and maintenance to focus on adding value to the business.

4. Reduce dependence on specialist in-house skills: Refine, refocus and streamline your IT recruitment, training, retention and costs. Benefit from IFS experts who manage solutions globally day in, day out, without the cost of creating similar skills in-house or the headache of skills attrition and obsolescence.

5. Eliminate hardware obsolescence and security concerns: Benefit from constantly-optimized and refreshed cloud computing infrastructure.

6. Seize competitive and strategic advantage: Adopt, exploit and innovate new services quickly and easily on cloud. Roll out new capabilities rapidly and affordably.

7. Keep infrastructure agile and scalable: Quickly respond to deal with acquisitions, divestitures or business/market strategy changes.

8. Reduce risk: Secure a minimum application availability commitment, with world-class enterprise cloud infrastructure and services providing exceptional resilience and redundancy.

9. Make one party fully accountable: With IFS Cloud just one party – IFS – is accountable for the delivery of service.

IFS Cloud Solutions on Microsoft Azure

IFS Cloud solutions leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud. Trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft Azure is a robust, market-leading public cloud platform offering enterprise grade services. Azure’s security compliance, geo-redundant storage, global data center infrastructure, and seamless integration with companies’ existing IT assets and IFS software make Azure the perfect choice for Envecon’s IFS Cloud solutions.

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