How terminals could improve their yard performance ?

Yard needs to be used effectively if terminal wants to improve revenue and profits. There are several yard performance  related KPIs like Inventory Aging, Inventory Levels need to be tracked and optimized. These need to be tracked in real time to react well in advance.

Most of the data is available in Terminal Operating System ,this data needs to be pulled and converted in meaningful and easy to understand information. OneView dashboards in Yard Performance area help decision makers with industry specific KPIs in a visually impressive format. All these dashboards are available on mobile,which gives freedom to decision makers and enable decision making from anywhere and anytime.

Below is one such dashboards in Inventory Analysis area



This helps you to foresee yard inventory performance and take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles. It provides a good visual representation of facts in real-time , this particular dashboard shows performance in areas like,

  • Inventory Overview
  • Capacity utilization
  • Aging Analysis
  • Service wise analysis
  • Damage details

“OneView”- is a The Business Performance Management tool, which has dashboards for terminal to track performance in all areas. By representing reality in a simple but effective way to you, it enables you to take right decision at right time ,which is a key to improve the terminal performance.

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Faster ROI of IFS Applications with Oneview











An intuitive and graphically rich solution created out of IFS Data sources to provide real time, at-a-glance visuals of organization performance with “A Single Version of Truth” for all business functions.

OneView captures and integrates business critical information from IFS Applications, Work Force Management and other niche local systems used in industries like Ports and Terminals, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Aerospace, Offshore, EPCI, Aviation and Inland Terminals.

Collaborative excellence with integrated view of all functions

Business driven solution to get OneView of all organizational functions working on IFS platform like, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales, Projects,  Production, Engineering, Financials, HR, CRM to provide real time input to business for quicker decision making.

It provides cutting edge by offering total insight in main business pillars like,

Operational excellence

  • To track real-time operational performance at a glance

Commercial excellence

  • To get trend analysis to show short term and long term health of business

Decision excellence

  • Helps in real time decisions and access information from any-time anywhere any-place

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of organization performance at a single glance.

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OneView for Terminal Asset Cost Analysis

In Ports and Terminals, there are various cost heads which requires flexible solutions to analyse data to predict and plan maintenance activities and costs in order to optimize operations.

How terminals could record/measure their cost and efforts in real-time to improve performance?

With OneView for Terminal Asset Cost Analysis, you can foresee maintenance activities and cost in order to take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles in your terminal efficiency. This will help to maximize the output and optimize maintenance activities.

Engineering dashboard

The dashboard calculates the cost of labor, materials and equipment to provide an insight into equipment maintenance costs and the monthly fuel consumption of every piece of equipment at a port or terminal.

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of maintenance/cost performance at a single glance.

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How terminals could improve their gate productivity?















The primary objective of all terminals is to reduce the truck’s waiting time via smoothing the gate activities i.e. to prevent the gate from being a bottleneck. The time spent in waiting to enter the terminal is a consequence for the port/terminal performance.

Introducing KPI’s that could be measured at every step of gate operation with some good visualization of hidden data in the Terminal operating system is one way to improve gate productivity.

There are various steps that are followed in the gate operations and there could be bottlenecks at each level. Be it pre-gate, out-gate or yard-gate, if there are ways to measure them and analyses the reasons for delays, lots can be achieved by just taking some simple improvement steps based on such analysis.

Using a performance measurement tool that could plot trends from historic data hidden in the terminal operating systems with a peek to real-time operations at gate can produce the much required analysis and indicators.

The key to success in performance improvement is how much in real-time can these measurement be made available to people responsible for gate operation and if these measurements are simple to read and can give necessary alerts to those responsible to maintain smooth gate operation.

OneView”- The Business Performance Management will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of gate performance on a single screen and assist in creating controls and maintaining fluid gate operations.

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Oneview for Safety Excellence

For most terminals, safety is prime and major focus goes in ensuring safety of people and resources associated with ports and terminals. Not having an adequate safety increases the risk of incidents and can even jeopardize the business functioning itself.

Our Safety Excellence is tool to measure all the safety events, incidents and keep the organization through OneView and assist in creating controls that makes prevention possible.

How terminals could measure and improve safety performance?

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of safety performance on a single screen.


Gives all information on a single click

  • Accidents measured with severity
  • Different category types (Injury, Security, Spill, Equipment etc.)
  • Various causes for accidents
  • Site wise severity analysis

And many more to strengthen your safety process

Oneview can provide the visibility and insight needed to improve safety performance. Thus, enabling the safety officer to analyze accidents and make recommendations.

The resulting safety enhancements would reduce injuries and damage costs over the life of the equipment and improve reputation of the terminals.

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OneView for Terminal Asset Performance Management

How to get high visibility of your critical assets in real time and improve performance by continuously monitoring success and setting targets for the team and it is ready to use.

Terminal Asset Performance Dashboard gives us an overview on the overall performance of critical assets in the terminal to keep it running. It gives general availability of the equipment in real-time and on a periodic basis i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or year to year overview.

You can assess the number of breakdowns, stoppages, meantime to repair etc on each type of equipment’s used in the terminal.

The business owners will get high visibility on the past and current asset performance to make effective decisions on capital assets and at the same time assist in optimizing TCO (total cost of ownership) on capital assets is critical to manage a profitable business.

Enable the port to maximize the performance of physical assets over their entire life-cycle, ensuring asset availability and reliability while reducing operational costs and risk.

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of asset performance on a dashboard. A real time visibility and historical comparison of data will be helpful for equipment allocation planning and accurate maintenance forecasting functionality.

Terminal asset performance

The dashboard provides an overall vista of equipment utilization and its performance. It offers real-time visibility of data and is especially useful in equipment allocation planning and forecasting the functionality of terminal operations.

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Terminal Performance in OneView with SAP Business Intelligence

Top management of Ports & Terminals is increasingly under pressure to improve,

  • Throughput
  • Service Level
  • Asset Utilization
  • Berth Productivity
  • Truck Turnaround Time
  • Gate and Yard Operations


  • Profits

Typically, performance information is spread across multiple systems. Also master data is not harmonized across systems. Issue gets complicated further at Regional or Corporate level, as each terminal can have different application systems. Process to get performance status is manual, slow, error-prone and inflexible. It is also open to manipulations.

Top management may be flying blind in such situations. CEOs,COOs, Operations Heads, Commercial Heads desire to track all KPIs in one View. They want this in real-time, 24 x 7 and from anywhere.

“OneView on SAP Business Intelligence” is designed keeping this senior management need in mind.

About OneView:

OneView is designed with focus on top management’s requirement. It’s SAP version can run on proven SAP BW (Business Warehouse) and SAP Business Objects (BO).

Typically terminals have multiple systems like,

  • Terminal Operating System (TOS)
  • Billing
  • Time & Attendance (Workforce Management)
  • Remote Crane Management Systems (RCMS)
  •  Fuel Management Systems
  •  Tyre Management System
  • ERPs like SAP to handle Materials, Procurement, HR & Finance

OneView pulls data from multiple systems into SAP BW and visualizes it, using SAP BO. Below diagram depicts broad BI architecture for terminals with OneView.

SAP- OneView architecture

Out of the box Dashboards, are designed using its global experience with terminals in more than 30 countries. Also, Envecon can quickly customize OneView with its Business Knowledge and knowledge of systems used in terminals.

SAP-Oneview BO

OneView dashboards are designed for each senior role and each functional area like,

  • Operations (e.g. Berth, Shift, Crane Performance etc)
  • Commercials (Budget Vs. Actual, Break-up Cargo or Freight Type)
  • Asset Performance (MTBF, Availability, Fuel per Box etc.)
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Work Force Management

Dashboards are visual, impressive and easy to use.  Dashboards are  available on Mobile (iPhone, Android and Windows).


SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP Business Objects (BO) is a proven BI solution globally. It is a trusted Business Intelligence solution, being used by large global Fortune 500 companies.

SAP BW pulls data easily from any system like TOS, Billing, Time & Attendance etc.. SAP BW is scalable and offers many standard extractors. It has in-built functionality for data cleansing, massaging and summarizing.  BW can be based on Oracle or MS SQL database technology.

For turbocharged performance, management can choose SAPs in-memory HANA database.  HANA can run 1,000 times faster than conventional technology. It helps top management in complex situations like predicting asset failures or future maintenance costs.

BW can easily combine  data from different systems to give single source of truth.  E.g. Moves from TOS and Maintenance Data from EAM Systems.

SAP BW and BO do not need SAP ERP and can run with any ERP or other systems..

OneView dashboards based on SAP BO are,

  • Impressive
  • Can be Real-Time
  • Capable of doing What-If Analysis  e.g. Impact of price hike
  • Intuitive and User-friendly
  • Can be accessed from anywhere on mobile

OneView Benefits:

OneView on SAP BI bring following benefits to top management of Ports & Terminals,

  • Terminal Performance in all areas at a glance
  • Get single view from multiple systems
  •  Access it on mobile from anywhere on the go
  • Impressive Dashboards
  • Meaningful and relevant KPIs
  • Tracks performance against targets
  • Can be easily customized for any specific business need
  • Enables quick decision making

Envecon’s Contribution

Envecon is known for it’s terminals domain expertise globally. Envecon brought following strengths to OneView,

  • Global experience in serving terminals in 30+ countries
  • Understanding of top management requirement
  • Understanding of IT systems used in terminals and its data structures
  • Technical capabilities of SAP BW and SAP BO


“What’s Measured, Improves !” said management guru Peter Drucker.

Top management is responsible for tracking terminal performance accurately and in real time. It is responsible for reacting with quick and right decisions.

OneView with its impressive dashboards with relevant KPIs from multiple systems enables top management to track entire terminal performance from anywhere  and take right decisions.

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OneView for Procurement Excellence

Procurement excellence is increasingly becoming an important factor in delivering efficient operations. Procurement Analysis lets you streamline your procurement administration and is a fundamental part of the Supply Chain solution.

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of procurement performance on a single screen.

Procurement excellence

Gives all information on a single click
  1. Supplier Quality Statistics
  2. Supplier delivery Statistics
  3. Procurement V/s Utilization
  4. Procurement lead time analysis
  5. Inventory Ageing
  6. Periodic spend visibility

And many more to strengthen your procurement process.

Oneview can provide the visibility and insight needed to improve procurement performance. Thus, enabling the procurement manager to drive the procurements efficiently this will participate at improving the productivity of an organization.