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Business Performance Management

Make us the partner of choice for your BPM support – Envecon helps client to effectively manage organizational performance and execute strategy. In today’s virtual business environment, instant decision making is becoming a competitive necessity. Our packaged industry specific executive dashboards, KPI’s enable department heads, high level executives, business users to make the best possible decision.

Analyze:  Explore your data, analyze results through interactive dashboards, gain insights into new opportunities and predict the future.

Plan:  Translate insights into a roadmap for business success. Allocate your resources and commitments to achieve your goals.

Drive:  Set your plans into action. get to know status and progress of activities, plans, and business outcomes.

Across all industry, every department

• Fast and powerful visualization capabilities
• Easy data preparation and visualization – no IT experts required
• Self-service data analysis
• Rich, interactive data visualization with endless drill-down
• Flawless performance, when working with big and disparate data
• Automated data integration and a graphical analytical environment attractive for customers
• All in one solution: dashboards, power analysis and simply reporting on a single architecture
• Easy to share web-based dashboards and reports

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