Billing Solution

Revenue Management

An industry agnostic event-based billing & management solution (Enabill) with IFS simplifies and manages complex billing/revenue systems and ensures better control of the revenue flow.

If your business is a commercially dynamic environment where one contract size does not fit all than empower your revenue systems with Enabill, easily pluggable and simple to integrate with operations/legacy systems.

Enabill understands the complexities around Revenue Management

Sophisticated contract solution allows flexibility in commercials.
Adaptable to requirements ensures adherence to contract.

Enabill ensures better control of the Revenue Flow

KPI monitoring through a strong in built data repository.
Audit trails features enables tracking activities performed.

Enabill has state of the art system features the is future ready

Tight Security controls to protect data/user access and protect from malpractice
Rule based workflow mechanism for document view and approval.
Strong integration capabilities including collections with real time credit management features.


– ERP agnostic

– Eliminate data duplication efforts

– Eliminate resultant errors

– Less prone to manual data tempering

– Reduce vulnerability to fraud

– Ease of reconciliation

– Employee resources optimisation

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