Enterprise Billing Solution Enabill

Customer Requirements

·         Multisite (Single Application Single Database)

·         Multicurrency and multiple exchange rate

·         Complex tax structure and applicability rules

·         Complex rules for discounts, rebates and waivers

·         Roles and Access for approvals

·         Multiple and complex contract structures – Standard, Special or spot tariffs

·         Controls for revenue leakages

·         Integrations with ERP and other operations system

·         Proforma invoices, invoices (includes credit and debit notes) and AR capabilities


·         Rich UI experience and mobility features

·         Highly configurable

·         Single Application database hosted on Cloud servers

·         Secure workflow approvals, back-end protected servers

·         Automated integrations through APIs (eliminates duplication of data entry)

·         Highly scalable with low TCO

·         Event based triggers from operation systems to avoid revenue leakage

·         Credit checks per transaction

·         Configurable contracts structure with rules definition and taxes and ERP integration

·         Audit trial (records)

·         Customization for customer portal or POS/ Payment Gateway Integration

·         Feature to have BI tools for interactive dashboards / Reports


·         Ease of switching multiple sites from a single screen through single application database hosted on cloud servers.

·         Reduces manual efforts for currency conversion. System is capable of handling multi-currencies at configuration level.

·         Ease of handling complex tax structure and applicability rules at configuration level.

·         Highly configurable screens to define complex rules for discounts, rebates and waivers.

·         Reduces vulnerability to fraud by providing secure workflow approvals for user roles and accesses.

·         System is capable of handling multiple and complex contracts (Standard/Publish, Special and Spot).

·         System eliminates revenue leakages by providing secure workflow approvals and backend protected servers.

·         System can automatically integrate with ERPs and other Operating Systems through APIs while eliminating duplication of data entries.

·         System supports generation of multiple proforma invoices, credit and debit notes along with AR capabilities.

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