Benefits of SAP HR and Biometrics Integration For Ports and Terminals

Ports & Terminals operate 24×7. Employees includes sub contactors, daily workers, temporary workers and staff.

In most situations, attendance details transferred to HR department periodically. Manual entries in payroll system are done, one entry at a time, for thousands of workers and staff. This procedure is tedious and not 100% accurate.

For one of our client in Ports & Terminals domain, Envecon recently implemented SAP successfully. Our client had 7000+ staff including management, permanent employees, contractors, sub-contractors and daily wage earners. Client had 230 combinations of pay structures.

HR team was stressed beyond limits with data recording, validation and payroll processing. They faced risks like,

  • Inflated attendance & salary cost
  • Fraudulent access gained by staff/Daily wage employees
  • Forged ID card Pin/Passwords
  • Difficulty in tracking leaves
  • Manpower efforts for maintaining attendance records
  • Inaccurate data
  • Delayed salary
  • Risk of Staff dissatisfactions & Legal Issues

Envecon implemented SAP-HR as part of bigger SAP implementation. Modules implemented in HR included Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Time Management (TM) (Positive and Negative both) and Payroll.

Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly salary processing were implemented.  All 230 required payscale structures were configured in SAP HR. Payslips and employee related master data was made available on-line to all employees.

To further streamline HR processes, Envecon recommended Biometrics related attendance system. With Biometrics, employee finger print scanning was enabled in addition to ID card.

Envecon seamlessly integrated this biometrics based attendance systems with SAP-HR. Attendance data was uploaded automatically in SAP on hourly basis.

Client realized following benefits with this initiative,

  • SAP’s powerful payroll engine was utilized for complex payroll structure
  • Removal of manual attendance tracking and processing, thus saving costs
  • Data entry errors and correction efforts avoided
  • Management got near real-time status of employee attendance
  • Reduced employee costs due to genuine attendance records
  • Increased employee satisfaction because of accuracy and timely payrol

Why SAP?

Majority of companies dealing with Maritime prefer SAP HR for its,

  • Powerful payroll engine capable of any pay structure
  • Countrywise payroll processing and tax calculations
  • Strong Organization Management
  • Personnel Management and all employee data recording
  • Employee and Manager Self Service Portal
  • Strong E-recruitment along with job portals
  • Positive and Negative Time Management & Leave Management
  • Performance management
  • Strong integration with Finance and budgeting
  • Automated compensation adjustment (e.g. advances, loans)
  • Improved reporting capabilities

Envecon Value Adds

Envecon was chosen for this project due to following strengths

  • Strong Domain knowledge
  • In-depth and end-to-end SAP capabilities
  • Strong SAP integration capabilities
  • Good understanding of terminal specific IT systems
  • Proven program management capabilities
  • Optimized cost with on-site off-shore model


Well implemented SAP HR by an Implementation partner with full domain understanding and seamless integration with Biometrics provides benefits like cost savings, smooth salary processing and increased employee satisfaction.

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