A complete ERP solution covering finance administration, supply chain management, project management and technical maintenance of airport facilities and ground equipment. Along with our strong partnership with leading ERP , has developed one of the most advanced and scalable solutions for airports available on the market today. The solution lays the foundation for fulfilling expected service efficiency and required profitability whilst balancing available resources with current utilization levels.

Enables your company to:

  • Minimize aircraft downtime through smart scheduling of routine maintenance tasks and quick decision-making
  • Ensure regulatory compliance through automatic reminders and easy record keeping
  • Contain costs by optimizing maintenance yields and reducing inventory levels
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers in real time online
  • Integrate MRO and fleet management with the rest of your enterprise

Solutions have the  capabilities to cover all aspects of the lifecycle of aircraft, engines and aircraft components. Civil Aviation maintenance and support market is changing with increased use of contracted-out services, power-by-the-hour, pressure for standardization, demand for agility to be able to handle continuous improvement and new technologies.

The solutions for Civil Aviation provide reduced risk through a recognized COTS MRO/Asset management strength, the benefits of cross-industry investment over niche capability, and potential for reductions in operational costs through end-to-end process efficiency.

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