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Over the past few years, the growth of aviation industry has been astounding, IATA estimates that total passenger numbers will double in less than 20 years and reach a staggering 7.3 billion people by the end of 2034. IFS provide an unrivaled understanding of market issues with more than 30 years of industry experience. IFS aviation solutions built on industry standards, flexible, modular architecture helps to maximize efficiencies and deliver bottom-line value with enterprise software that's designed to streamline operations, support global scalability and embrace digital transformation.

Envecon offers IFS Applications that covers finance administration, supply chain management, project management and technical maintenance. The solutions improve service efficiency and required profitability, whilst balancing available resources with current utilization levels.

Business Processes:

• Engineer

• Plan

• Operate

• Maintain

• Upgrade

• Dispose

IFS Application Solutions

Application Solutions:
Design & Product Organization: Engineering Evaluation, Test & Evaluation, Change Management, Product Defination and Repair Parts Design.
Continuing Air Worthiness:
Configuration management, Reliability Programs, Maintenance Program, Technical Log, Component & Defect control.
Maintenance Certifying Staff
Type/Task Training and Ratings, Aircraft Maintenance License, Certification & Competence
Maintenance Organization
Maintenance Data, Production Planning, Line & Base Maintenance, Maintenance Recording and Maintenance Certification.
Training Organization
Maintenance Training Material Management, Procedures & Qualiity System Control, Training Record Management and Aircraft Type/Task Training Support.
Human Resources
Organization Structures, Competence, Employee Availability, Training & Recruitment and Certificates.
Facilities Equipment & Tools Management
Training Facilities, Maintenance Facilities, Tools Management and Instructional Equipment.
Supply Chain
Supplier Performance, Purchasing/Warehouse, Management, Inventory Optimization, Asset Traceability, Quarantine Management and Production Planning.
Project Management
Upgrades & Modifications, Refits and Risk Management.
Invoicing, Budgeting, Leasing & Rental, Fixed Assets and Rotable Pools. Customer Relationship Management: Quotation, Contracting/Sub contracting and Occurrence Reporting.


  • Minimize aircraft downtime through smart scheduling of routine maintenance tasks and quick decision-making.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance through automatic reminders and easy record keeping.
  • Contain costs by optimizing maintenance yields and reducing inventory levels.
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers in real time online.
  • Integrate MRO and fleet management with the rest of your enterprise.

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