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IFS Applications has a long history as a solution of choice for Automotive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). For the Automotive industry, IFS provide solutions that supports the total lifecycle – from design integration through demand management, supply chain management, full-scale production, sales and aftersales service—fully integrated with financials and human resources.

As trusted IFS Partner, we provide best-in-class IFS Applications for Automotive industry that includes solutions for manufacturing & distribution, supply chain, services, asset and project management, fully integrated with financials and human resources. These operate stand alone; integrated with existing corporate enterprise systems; or as part of a comprehensive Applications deployment.

Business Processes:

• CRM/Marketing

• Demand Planning

• Product Development

• Supply Chain Management

• Manufacturing

• Sales & Manufacturing

• Sales & Delivery

IFS Application Solutions

Supply Chain Planning
Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Master Scheduling, Resource, Planning, Customer/Supplier and Scheduling.
Product Life Cycle Management
CAD Connectors, Product Data Management, Product Development, Product Estimating, New Product Introduction, Portfolio Management, Regulatory Compliance and After Market Compliance.
Customer Management
Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, Collaborative, Forecasting, Order Processing, Collaborative Order and Management.
Supply Chain Management
Mixed-mode Manufacturing, Sourcing/Procurement, Supplier Management, Inventory Management, Lean Manufacturing, MRP/DDMRP, Barcode Handling, n-level Packaging.
Work Order Management, Equipment, Scheduling, Preventive and Maintenance.
Support Processes
Finance, Project Management, Workforce Management, Document Management, Event Management, Collaborative Solutions/EDI, Quality Management and Package Management.

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