Automation Solution for Bank Integration in SAP

Many organizations deal with multiple house banks and process pay-outs such as salaries, utility bills, supplier payments and customer payments through these accounts. Reconciling all these transactions in back end ERPs such as SAP is time consuming and prone to errors.

Envecon has a ready solution for automating this process and has implemented it for its customers. The solution uses SAP PO middle-ware and secured FTP (SFTP) for automation.












Payment process is completely automated and initiated from SAP. Bank statement data can now be electronically retrieved from banks using Bank Communication Standard (BCS).

Why SAP Process Orchestration for Integration?

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is simple, scalable and versatile middle-ware. It is a strategic integration platform of world’s leading organizations.  Several clients ranging from high-tech to global manufacturing firms to major European Postal Services use SAP PO to process over half a million messages per day.













Envecon uses MT940 format to transmit bank data to customer & has configured SAP to pick up electronic bank statements and do automatic reconciliation of data received from the bank. Envecon is using SAP PO (Process Orchestration) as middle-ware platform due to its robust scale-ability and ability to integrate processes across SAP and non-SAP landscapes.

Key Benefits to Customers

  •  Pay-to-reconcile process across applications and systems.
  •  Improved control and compliance over the release of payments
  •  Increase operational efficiency & eliminated manual errors
  •  Standard, secure payment gateway with multiple banks
  •  Streamlined communication with house banks via single communication channel.
  •  Significantly simplifies payment process.
  • Increased payment flow transparency through status Monitoring of payments
  • Bank statements enhanced compliance through multiple approval levels for outgoing payments.

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