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Application and Database Services

At Envecon, we undertake hosting and maintenance of IFS Applications on cloud/on-premise and provide end-to-end installation and operational support on IFS Applications, Middleware and Oracle Database. This enables customers to focus on their business and leave the IT Applications availability and maintenance on us.

Database Managed Services provides configuration, maintenance and, proactive 24×7 monitoring of database (single-instance/RAC) and standby (Data Guard or DR) database on OS file system with or without ASM (Automatic Storage Management).   The Management service includes but is not limited to: Polling databases, Event detection and notification for Databases that do not answer polls, Event monitoring, Performance Management, Space Management, Schema Management, User Management, Capacity Planning, Cluster Management, Patch Management, Reporting, and Quarterly Reviews.

Envecon is a trusted Gold partner of Oracle and Microsoft Gold partner for Data Analytics
Envecon is a trusted Microsoft Silver Partner for Cloud Platform
Envecon is Oracles Gold Partner hence can resell all Oracle Technology products, is eligible to resell Oracle Applications and Eligible for specialized status

IFS Application and Middleware Management

  • Production Support
  • 24×7 Application Monitoring:  24 x7 technical support representative is available to monitor the application performance for any service unavailability, low performance issues or preventive maintenance activities for IFS Application.

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  • Installation of delivered Patches provided by IFS Call Centre on resolved issues only.
  • IFS System and Application audit.
  • Coordination with IFS OEM.
  • Analysis of issues and other malfunctions of the system as reported by the users, maintain documentation of the solution implemented and changes made for issues reported. Carrying out root cause analysis to prevent the recurrence of the incident.
  • Resolving issues related to data, code and user understanding
  • Perform required testing

Database Management

  • Database tablespace Management.
  • Database backup (Export- expdp // Import- impdp) as a logical backup.
  • Database Backup Physical (RMAN backup full and incremental).
  • Database storage management.
  • Database memory management (SGA/PGA).
  • Database table/indexes analyze and stats calculation for better performance.
  • Database alert log monitoring, Database Troubleshooting
  • Database Recovery – Complete / Incremental.
  • Database IFS Application schema/user’s management.
  • Oracle Database Patch/Bug fixes deployment (Both IFS application related and Oracle software related).
  • Creating DB links for accessing other legacy applications. (To be within Oracle permitted licensing policies).
  • Generating performance reports of database (statspack or AWR based on licensing) and session traces.

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