How effective is Repeat failure analysis for terminal equipment’s ?

Repeat failure analysis  means analysis that  handle multiple failures within an item. In a terminal there is a failure occurring on a  same equipment  repeatedly in that particular period ( i.e.  Number of  times the same breakdown happened  which stopped the operations). As equipment failure frequently occurs, therefore a Repeat Failure Analysis is carried out.

How it is useful?

Let’s start an analysis of Quay Crane

  • How many maintenance related failure occurred ?
  • How many times there was a requirement to perform a replacement?
  • The primary thing  here is  how many times did  they fail repeatedly?

For example , in a QC there was a consistent failure every month and 15 times it has to be repaired (Refer below Fig 01 for month of July on an electrical drive) .

The failure was  of an electric drive, we need to analyse how many times a same equipment fail repeatedly in that period, how many breakdown or damage happened  that stopped the operation one after another.


Fig 01

The number of repeat failure in QC where repair has to be done is quite high,now what?

Further analysis is done and the information received  based on repeat analysis is that number of times there is a repeat failure in QC, which needs  to be  repaired  and  it was found many times its maintenance failureFurther analysis is  done in that period to know what was performed action, to understand how the problem is fixed. It was found that terminal has to repeatedly make repair on an electric drive. (Refer below Fig 02)


Fig 02

Whenever Technical  Department  find there is a repeat failure more than  acceptable limit for a particular component  in a month, they have to set-up a corrective maintenance action along with the next two Preventive  Maintenance. Reliability engineers are suppose to execute Corrective Maintenance work orders. These work orders need to be created in ERP application planned along with the maintenance,such Corrective Maintenance work order involves.

  • Conditional checks
  • Ultrasound and other high technology inspection
  • Analyse the RPM (Rotation per minute) check the circuit

(These are specific to an electric drive, for the example being considered.)

The Reliability engineer will also schedule additional Corrective Maintenance  work order for applying the decisions made out of the above analysis, which is either replacement of repeated failure( component replaced) OR a modification of the electric drive is suggested, on all such equipments within the terminal.

By looking at these analytical reports ,by doing a good root cause analysis and by referring  the number a maintenance manager can analyse why there are repeat failure which are maintenance related most of them are electrical failure & have an operational impact ,


  • Increase the bottom line(i.e. to reducing expense in future ) OR
  • Invest in training the employees on doing better maintenance related to electrical circuit and wring the equipment OR
  • Check if there is a requirement  to buy better quality spares and many more.
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Current Opening : SAP Project Manager (Plant Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Maintenance)

  • Total Experience 10+ year SAP Experience. 4+ as Project Manager . At 3 years in SAP EAM/ Plant Maintenance Implementation.
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  • Implementation Experience :
  1. At least 1 Global Template Creation experience.
  2. Global Roll-out and Implementation experience is required.
  3. Should have experience in managing Global Client.
  • Skills Desired: Functional of knowledge Asset Management, SAP Implementation Experience, Excellent Communication, Should have managed project team of 10 people,Client communication. Global Project Management
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  • Product Experience :SAP Plant Maintenance, SAP Enterprise Asset Management
  • Travel Long Term/Short TermShould be ready to travel on-site for short term and long term
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Current Opening : IFS Admin and Replication Consultant


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  • Technical Experience Requirement : Oracle DBA, IFS Solution Manager
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  2. Expertise on IFS Solution Manager.
  3. At least 1 year experience on Oracle DBA. SAP ABAP with experience in SD, MM,HR, FICO must.
  4. Hands on Knowledge on IFS Replication Functionality.
  5. Experience on IFS User Management, IFS Connect, IFS Custom Event.
  6. Experience in IFS Data Migration.
  • Preferred Qualification:  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related scientific or technical degree; or equivalent.
  • Product Experience : IFS Applications.
  • Client Communication Skills : Is a Must
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  4. Interact with Functional team and help them in Data Migration.
  5. Actively participate in project activities.
  • Base Location: Mumbai

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