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Decision makers responsible for organization performance need to track KPIs in multiple areas. IFS Lobby™ enables this for decision makers. IFS Lobby has impressive dashboards with relevant KPIs and excellent visualization.  IFS provides many such standard Lobbies.  Also users can create their own Lobbies with just few clicks.

Lobbies protect data by only showing information for which users has access.

In Summary, Lobby is a role based dashboard, which can be configured to allow decision maker to take relevant actions in the system.

Sample manufacturing dashboard

IFS lobby dashboard

Some of the business benefits of IFS Lobby are,

–              Real time operational performance tracking

–              Users can create their own Lobbies with just mouse clicks

–              Easy to configure and develop

–              Integral part of  IFS 9.0 and above

–              Re-usability of Lobby elements in various Dashboards

Providing right Lobbies to right people, makes organization efficient.  But it needs good understanding of business goals and how various KPIs contributes towards the same.

Envecon has designed relevant client specific lobbies using its industry and IFS knowledge. Recently one of the international Manufacturing client of Envecon went live with IFS 9.0 including specially designed lobbies for them.  Some of the elements and lobbies configured are as below,

 Additional Lobby Elements:

  • Inventory Stock Details Summary for Released Shop Orders
  • Open Shop Orders by Work Center
  • Released Purchase Orders by Site

Lobbies reconfigured:

  • Central Manufacturing Planning
  • Project Procurement Lobby
  • Shop Supervisor Lobby

Envecon Approach:

Following are the approach taken by Envecon,

  • Identified KPI factors for each role and mapped to standard IFS Lobbies
  • Identified the Gaps between Standard Lobby Elements and Client requirements
  • Redesigned the Data sources and the Data elements
  • Reconfigured the Lobby and published for Client. 

Client Benefits:

These Lobbies helped our client to view the consolidated information across different business entities as well as get better control over day to day activities!

For any additional information or to understand benefits of properly designed lobbies, please contact connect@envecon.com.

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