Automation Solution for Bank Integration in SAP

Many organizations deal with multiple house banks and process…
May 21, 2016/by admin

Faster ROI of IFS Applications with Oneview

May 21, 2016/by admin

OneView for Terminal Asset Cost Analysis

In Ports and Terminals, there are various cost heads which requires…
May 21, 2016/by admin

How terminals could improve their gate productivity?

January 7, 2016/by admin

Oneview for Safety Excellence

For most terminals, safety is prime and major focus goes in ensuring…
July 20, 2015/by admin

OneView for Terminal Asset Performance Management

How to get high visibility of your critical assets in real time…
June 2, 2015/by admin

Why SAP for Asset Intensive Industries

Assets lock up huge capital in asset intensive industries like…
May 21, 2015/by admin

Fuel Cost Optimization with SAP Fleet Management

Fuel cost is a major cost in any asset intensive industry.…
May 14, 2015/by admin

SAP EWM – a next generation Warehouse Management System along with Yard Management

SAP-Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is designed to manage…
May 7, 2015/by admin

Reduce Procurement Cost with SAP-Supplier Relationship Management

In today’s economy, companies need to do more with less and…
May 7, 2015/by admin

Terminal Performance in OneView with SAP Business Intelligence

Top management of Ports & Terminals is increasingly under…
May 5, 2015/by admin

OneView for Procurement Excellence

Procurement excellence is increasingly becoming an important…
May 2, 2015/by admin

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