How terminals could improve their yard performance ?

Yard needs to be used effectively if terminal wants to improve revenue and profits. There are several yard performance  related KPIs like Inventory Aging, Inventory Levels need to be tracked and optimized. These need to be tracked in real time to react well in advance.

Most of the data is available in Terminal Operating System ,this data needs to be pulled and converted in meaningful and easy to understand information. OneView dashboards in Yard Performance area help decision makers with industry specific KPIs in a visually impressive format. All these dashboards are available on mobile,which gives freedom to decision makers and enable decision making from anywhere and anytime.

Below is one such dashboards in Inventory Analysis area



This helps you to foresee yard inventory performance and take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles. It provides a good visual representation of facts in real-time , this particular dashboard shows performance in areas like,

  • Inventory Overview
  • Capacity utilization
  • Aging Analysis
  • Service wise analysis
  • Damage details

“OneView”- is a The Business Performance Management tool, which has dashboards for terminal to track performance in all areas. By representing reality in a simple but effective way to you, it enables you to take right decision at right time ,which is a key to improve the terminal performance.

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